My name is Joe. I’m just a fan showing my appreciation for music. I’ve dabbled on and off as a mobile dj, remixer, bboy and emcee from the early 90s till present but I’ve never taken it seriously enough. Music has always been a great source of inspiration for me. Through social media I’d like to share that inspiration with you. You can expect to find song suggestions, music industry news links and other stuff I’m interested in.

I relaunched this website a little over a month ago. I was simply trying out the new Spotify share code 1st on instagram, Twitter and now this wordpress site. I started messing around with social media tools and bots. Soon after that it took a life of its own. I pick the articles and music daily. My bot shares that content throughout the day. Hopefully someone out there enjoys this content.

This site is prone to constant changes. I’m self-taught and am trying to learn on the fly. Stuff will break or change but overall in the long run I hope it will turn into something useful for both fans and professionals.

Welcome to my site.