Welcome to Det0nator Sound

I relaunched this website in June of 2017. I was simply trying out the new Spotify share code. I started messing around with social media tools and bots. Eventually it resulted into this.

Everyday I pick the articles and share Spotify links to music i listen to. I also make use of IFTTT, Feedly, Pocket, WordPress, Buffer, SongLytics and Twitter to make this happen.

I hope to fully automate this blog incase I pass away. Ive recently discovered I maybe terminally ill due to kidney failure.

This site is prone to frequent changes. I’m self-taught and am trying to learn on the fly. Stuff will break or change but overall in the long run I hope it will turn into something useful for both fans and professionals.

Music has always been a great source of inspiration. I’d like to share that source of inspiration with you. Expect to find song suggestions, music industry news links and other stuff I’m interested in on this site, my twitter and discord