Djing tonight

Ill be djing tonight at the Turf bar in Surrey BC. Depending on how it goes I might have a residency once a week. Will be spinning a mix of

Things im working on

Its been a year I think since I shut down Det0nator Radio and reset this website. Ive been going through allot of shit IRL so Ive been unable to do

Cheap VPN Service

Have you been looking for a vpn service for netflix and to access international web content that’s been geo blocked. Have you ever gone to YouTube to watch a video only

Free TV, Cable Cutters
Free TV, Cable Cutters

For those of you looking for a way to cut your cable tv there’s a free service available called Filmon. They carry live channels, movies, tv and on demand. There’s a

A New Year A New Site

As I mentioned last year I’ve decided to shut down Det0nator Radio. This year I’ve decided to erase all the old content and start over with something new.  I launched