Cheap VPN Service

Have you been looking for a vpn service for netflix and to access international web content that’s been geo blocked. Have you ever gone to YouTube to watch a video only to get a warning that this video isn’t available for viewing from your country? Want to pay to use HULU but you cant because youre from Canada??? That’s what im talking about.  Allot of websites use geo blocking to restrict free access to content to users residing within specific countries. If your’e not from that specific country consider yourself SOL when it comes to viewing content on those sites.

Another matter you may not have considered. Do you have kids or other people/renters who use your internet connection? There’s a possibility that someone in your house is using p2p/torrent sites. What they use it for doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that they are putting you the account holder at risk if they use such sites. We’ve all heard of those horror stories where the parent or account holder gets busted by big brother because of someone else’s mistake. I got renters who share internet with us. I sure as hell don’t want to get sued for thousands or go to jail cause someone else downloaded some mp3’s using your internet connection.

SO what can I do besides warning the would be renter or teenager that uses my internet connection you ask? VPN is like insurance. It protects you and your identity. Its cheap as hell so you should consider subscribing to such a service. You probably pay on average $30-75 for internet service a month. VPN services only cost on average $4-$10 a month. All this for the cost of a MC Donald’s Big Mac meal.

We are now offering vpn service for as low as $3.33 a month (yearly subscription)

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