Three New Little Piglets


Expanding upon the success of the Philosopher’s Tone Micro and Disnortion Micro, Pigtronix continues a campaign of meticulous miniaturization with the launch of the Gatekeeper Micro, Class A Boost Micro and all-new Octava Micro.


Octava Micro Demo

The Octava Micro is a full-featured, all-analog frequency doubler effect with octave blend, FET Drive and switchable fuzz.


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Gate Keeper Micro Demo

The Gatekeeper Micro is a high-speed, studio-quality noise gate with variable release time that locks out all unwanted noise from any rig.


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Class A Boost Demo

Class A Boost Micro delivers up to 20db of noise-free J-FET boost, providing maximum clean headroom for passive and active instruments.


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from Harmony Central Press Room