December: The Perfect Month to Evaluate Your Business

December brings with it cold weather, holiday shopping, and for mobile DJs the chance to once again evaluate our business before we head into a new year. As we come up on this year’s final month we can begin to look back over the events we performed at throughout the course of the year and ask ourselves a few critical questions.

Did I perform at as many events as I wanted to this year? Did I earn the amount of money (per event or over the year) that I was aiming for? Did I follow my business plan closely or stray away from it? Was I in need of any equipment repeatedly? Did I invest in any training this year?

The questions that each business owner will ask his or herself are different, but the theme is the same; has my company progressed in its goals or remained stagnant?

The market that mobile DJs work in is ever changing and ever growing. DJs that aren’t on the top of their game frequently find themselves falling into the “low end” or “budget” event category, fighting dozens of other amateurs to book $300 events while those that plan, prepare, and set goals are rising to new heights, booking events well into four-figure territory.

So where will you end up this coming year? The time to begin setting goals and evaluating your business is now (not the day before New Year’s Eve). Start thinking about how you will price your packages in the coming year, what ways you will educate and improve yourself, and how you will market and network. Sit down at the computer (or even with a pen and paper) and write out your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and the steps you will take to achieve them. A little forethought will put you well out in front of others in your area.

from Mobile Beat For DJs