DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Work Smarter Not Harder Part 1.

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, this is going to be a two-part tip. First part is work smarter, not harder. This is what my rig looks like now, I have a wedding today for 60 people and this is what I’m bringing. There’s three bags that won’t leave the car, they’re the backup stuff, that’s my ceremony speaker, these are my mains, these are the lights that go on poles, that is my ceremony system backup, that is my main rig, wireless, speaker stands, DJ skirts, crane stand and main bag that you see down there with the red. So I’m showing you this now as to what I do and what I bring and of course, the rock-n-roll cart, can’t forget that. But I’m going to do a second video of this over the weekend showing you how I’ve cleaned it up and worked smarter, not harder. So part one of two, DJ tips in under a minute.

from Mobile Beat For DJs