If DJs Charged Like Well Drillers…

When you live outside the service area of the municipal water supplier (as I do), having a well is an accepted part of life. Without good water, life in the country can begin to lose it’s charm. So, where is this going? Long story-short: We have a piece of land that we’re thinking of developing, so I recently called a local driller to come and scope it out.

As this particular driller has done most of the wells in our area, he has a log book with all sorts of well depth and water quality data. It took him less than 10 minutes to stake out a location.

Just as he attached a flag to mark the spot he turned to me, with a very matter of fact look, and said… “Now, the cost..”

“The minimum charge is $1800, plus $50 per foot we drill.” He continued, “If the cost per foot exceeds the $1800 then we drop the minimum charge. In addition, it’s $20 per foot of pipe, $60 for the shoe, $50 for the cap, and $25 for each bag of grout.” The dollar amounts here aren’t important – in fact, these aren’t the actual numbers. But I got to thinking, what if DJs charged like well drillers (and similar service businesses).

I think it would go something like this for a basic five hour job:

Minimum charge (just for showing up) – $2000
Cost per song played – $41. If the cost per song exceeds the $2000, the minimum is dropped.
In addition – $20 each time DJ opens the mic, $60 to play a request, $120 for cords and cables (always best to have fresh cables at each job), $50 for time spent tearing down, $30 for wear and tear on cases, $25 dollars for gas to get home. $15 for a burger and fries. So let’s assume you average 15 songs per hour and finish up with an hour of overtime. The minimum is $3690, plus ten requests ($600) and all the other charges. The total bill would come to around $4730 (assuming you made 10 announcements during the event).

So the bottom line is, if you’re not making a good living as a DJ, maybe you’re pricing structure is all wrong. Maybe it’s time to stop charging by the hour, and start charging by the services rendered. 🙂

from Mobile Beat For DJs