DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Don’t Set Lights To Strobe At A Wedding

DJ tips in under a minute, I just heard a story about a DJ who had some strobe lights going on around his booth and a parent came over and said, is there any way to kill the strobe lights? I have a child here who’s epileptic and it could cause a seizure. And apparently, it’s due to photosensitivity.
And it’s not the majority of kids who are epileptic, but according to the other DJ that told me the story, the DJ with the strobe lights instructed the parent to remove the child from the reception.
My weddings, the bride and groom invite people they want. If I went up to a bride and groom and said, no more strobes, because someone could have a seizure, trust me, they’d go along with it. In fact, I tell my clients that I don’t have strobing on my Revo-3 or on my atmospheric because of that reason. So if you want to be the extra heavy duty DJ, tell your clients as a safety precaution when you do your lighting you don’t include strobing. That way their wedding goes seizure free and everyone’s happy. DJ tips in under a minute.


from Mobile Beat For DJs