Like Attracts Like

Like Attracts Like, Customer Service, Business, Mitch Taylor, Taylored Sales, #LiveAt755

Like Attracts Like

Like Attracts Like, Customer Service, Business, Mitch Taylor, Taylored Sales, #LiveAt755Recently I was having dinner with a good friend of mine.  We had a younger waiter and it was a very nice establishment with a 1940s Speakeasy kind of vibe if you will. While the waiter did a good job he didn’t necessarily do it in a way that spoke to what that business was going for with their marketing.  Like attracts like. Think about your business. Are you delivering high-end, middle of the road, or budget? If you’ve got a DJ business where you’re going after clubs and bars, then all of your staff better know the style of music that fits that bar.  They better be able to mix, be outgoing and talk on a mic to promote something specific and FIT the culture of that club (pun intended). If you’ve got a country bar, you may not necessarily be able to send a DJ whose favorite music is mumble rap. Like attracts like.

Going back to my time at the restaurant, the waiter did a great job of serving us and was very very talented with knowledge of the menu and connecting with us as people with friendly banter, however he made one mistake. My colleague asked me “What’s his name?”  to which I replied, “You know, he never said.” This is basic, and should have been the first thing he said to us. Yes, we are all human and he may have just forgot, but in customer service and in business in general, the devil is in the details. Make sure you’re hiring people that represent your company that are similar to your values and what you stand for.  We continue next week with the second part of this article.  


Meet Mitch Taylor: A Jeffrey Gitomer Licensed Trainer and a member of the National Speakers Association, Mitch has impacted thousands over the course of his career, through interactive workshop instruction, sales mentoring, educational podcasts & personal coaching.

Mitch Taylor Gitomer Licensed Trainer Taylored Sales

Mitch is the author of the book SALES 4 Event Pros, and has written articles for several industry publications including Promo Only, DJNews, and Mobile Beat. Mitch regularly hosts #LiveAt755, your Daily Motivational Kick Start every weekday at 7:55am on his Facebook Feed. To get yours go to

Mitch is also one half of the Creating Connections team with Certified Personality Trainer Vickie Musni. Together they have written Creating Connections: 31 Days To Building Stronger & Deeper Relationships and host a weekly podcast entitled Creating Connections.

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