Flicker – West Coast Hip Hop Loops


Flicker – West Coast Hip Hop Loops




Flicker – West Coast Hip Hop Loops from ModeAudio is a white-hot collection of sizzling synths and lopsided, sun-kissed beats, full to the brim with a whole host of smooth and soulful, production-ready sounds that ooze California cool!


138 key and tempo-synched music loops lie at the heart of this selection – all saturated in that vibrant West Coast character, fusing lazy Beat Scene rhythms with rich melodic imagination and atmospheric, scene-setting SFX to give your tracks that unique LA swagger.


Conquer the coastline and take your music on a joyride through sandy, sun-dappled landscapes – download Flicker – West Coast Hip Hop Loops and get there today!





Pack Details:

– 138 Music Loops (Basses, Keys, Synths, Drums, Percussion, SFX)
– 30 Synth Tail Samples
– 93 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
– 100% Royalty-Free

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