DJ Tips In Under A Minute: New Pioneer Rekordbox App.

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. If you are using a Pioneer CDJ player, you’re using Rekordbox, hopefully, an MP3 program that allows you to put loops and cue points and get your waves put together and set up beat grids and everything else. Well, because of the ex-DJ Arrow using a Wi-Fi off of a mobile device, there it is, it is a free app in the app store. You can load tracks, you can prepare tracks, you can do whatever you want. You go in, you find a track, I have two loaded in here now, put in Shapeshifter’s and boom, playing. Once it’s fully loaded the track, I’ll start to get the wave form built and have that run across so I can do all sorts of cool stuff. So if you’re using CDJs, if you want to get the ex-DJ Arrow or if you just want a cool free app to mess around with on your phone with music, this is the one. This is Rekordbox in the app store now, in under one minute.


from Mobile Beat For DJs