Why Wedding Suppliers Struggle To Get Booked At The Price They Want EVEN when Brides & Grooms have BIGGER Budgets!

If you find it hard to get booked at the price you want, the problem could stem from when you started your wedding business and the beliefs you allowed to influence your mind at start-up.

Let’s take a look why.

It’s likely you found your place in the wedding industry by turning an impressive talent into a dependable service that brides and grooms love – and if you ever doubt this fact, just look at your amazing testimonials!

But even though others have validated your signature wedding experience and, you know deep down your skill-set transforms a wedding; conversely, your calendar has too many gaps.

You try to bridge the void with social media, networking and website tweaks but you still can’t gain traction resulting in you not getting the number of wedding bookings you need at the price you want. And while on the subject of ‘price‘, you probably set your rates by looking at what competitors charged and settled somewhere around ‘their’ price points… But what if you’ve followed the wrong people, resulting in you charging too little?

That would mean you are leaving money on the table today because of the pricing mistake you made in the past. Money that could end your struggle to meet all your monthly costs and allow you to live the lifestyle you want for yourself and those you love and care for.

If you can think of others in your industry who are charging above average and still getting booked, it’s because they know and apply training you’ve not yet learnt. But you can change this by discovering what triggers a bride to hire at higher prices.

Could it be you are failing to book enough weddings because you don’t follow a daily step by step process that’s been proven to work?

Are you relying on disjointed marketing titbits you’ve pulled together from networking, the internet and by copying others (who may have got it wrong)? It’s a mistake I’ve made and one of the reasons my bookings use to zig-zag, and it may be why you can’t seem to get flowing bookings too.

It’s impossible to take the shortest, fastest path to success if you are only getting part of the picture from different people offering different messages. Which is why its smart to become an ‘Insider’ and follow a proven route to get from A-B. Let me put it this way, if you were travelling to work at a new wedding venue you’d never been to before, would you set your SatNav to take you there? The same logic should apply to ensuring your wedding business gets from A to B; where A is where you are right now, and B is your definition of success.

If you want the reliability of a map detailing a logical, proven step by step system so you can book better-paying wedding clients, get started with my FREE two-part training series, on it you’ll learn how to:

  1. Initiate greater interest from couples needing your wedding services.
  2. Stand out as the must-have asset at a bride and groom’s big day.
  3. Start filling your calendar with better-paying bookings, which I assure you are out there. (I’m currently booking them, and so are my students).

In short, you’ll uncover proven wedding marketing secrets to success that most wedding suppliers are completely unaware of, and this is why they will continue to struggle while you gain the competitive advantage by positioning yourself as the perfect choice.

Forgive me; I’ve not properly introduced myself. My name is Terry Lewis, and I train wedding professionals who are great at providing their signature wedding experience but need help filling their calendar with better-paying wedding clients.

I am an author, international speaker, course creator, wedding industry judge and mentor to wedding professionals like you. But most importantly, I have a proven track record for growing other peoples wedding businesses.

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