LANDR Adds AI Driven Instant Full Album Mastering

Landr-new-logoAfter using artificial intelligence (AI) to master 8 million tracks, LANDR adds full album mastering today.  With 1.7 million users from 200 countries, LANDR is the the most used mastering platform in the world. 

Album mastering launches today, as a value-added service to all LANDR $4 – $25 per month subscriptions.
LANDR can identify the nature of any incoming content, whether songs, spoken word or variable music genres. Then the knowledge base of LANDR’s AI mastering engine masters each track according to its essence while ensuring that all the tracks on the album carries common properties that fit together cohesively.
“Album mastering is a challenge even for experienced engineers, who trade off between the competing demands of disparate tracks while respecting the artist’s creative goals in assembling and sequencing their songs,” said Daniel Rowland, LANDR’s Head of Production, Grammy award winner and collaborator with Nine Inch Nails and Adrian Belew. “We invested 18 months of dedicated development to translate the decisions that mastering engineers make in putting together an album into automated processes. This is something that both individual artists and labels have been asking for, and we’re the first cloud-based platform to offer mastering across an entire album”.


from hypebot