How does Sound play a Role in Gaming?

As DJ fans, we’re always thinking about how music can make us feel. From movies to games, music can seriously alter the way that we feel when we experience this content. We’re here to explore what this does within our favourite media. 

Music and Gaming: Where did it all begin?

Early games didn’t have any music at all, as it seemed like an additional strain on the system that just wasn’t warranted. From there, we started to see some games using rudimentary sound effects to enhance the game. Just as graphics have come a long way, these sound effects were incredibly basic too. 

These didn’t have the capacity to create rich sounds like the consoles and speakers that we have today. This means that the sound effects that were created were simple bleeps, which would correspond with the simple graphics on the screen. Even in these really early days, this had a massive impact on the user experience and brought them further into the game. 

Some of the most successful games have a seriously recognisable musical themes. From Super Mario Bros to The Legend of Zelda, many of these are still being used to this day. With better tech, the developers have kept the essence of these tunes but built upon them with grander soundscapes. 

Becoming More In Depth 

As we look further into how music is used in video games, we can see that it’s used to great effect. From creating a tense atmosphere in a horror game to tugging on the player’s heartstrings, it’s clear to see this enhances the experience. This is being replicated and experimented with exponentially. 

This started off in the mainstream gaming industry and grew outwards to online games too. The creators of Fluffy Favourites have created a cohesive design, with fluffy characters and a light soundtrack. More of their online casino players seem to enjoy the game with the sound on, as they become more immersed in the world of the game. 

This immersive world is being enhanced on a regular basis. If we look at the likes of Death Stranding, we can see how game developers are expanding on what we expect from our games. This creepy, discordant music has seriously enhanced the feeling of the trailer and we can’t wait to see what they do with the full game. 

Entirely music based games, like Guitar Hero, have also created a genre of their own. This is great for music lovers, as they can refine their skills on games that truly interest them. These games have been growing in popularity too, with new twists placed on the same formula. DJ based games have also been booming, as we all want a chance to play on the decks in front of a massive crowd.

Overall, it’s clear to see that music has a big role to play in the games that we enjoy, with this relationship growing in the long term. It’s exciting to think of just how many ways this could be used in future. 

from Mobile Beat For DJs