Strata – Serum Ambient Presets


Strata – Serum Ambient Presets seeps gracefully from the ModeAudio studio, running into pools of deftly programmed sound that will soak and saturate your productions in dense atmosphere and hypnotic texture.


Each preset has been carefully constructed to make full use of Serum’s celebrated synthesis capabilities, producing a satisfyingly immersive set of synth textures that casually drift and hover with the gentle flicker of an LFO, or glide outwards with the subtle phasing of detuned oscillators. 


Unfurl your next cinematic adventure in sound – download Strata – Serum Ambient Presets today!


Pack Details:

– 10 Bass Presets
– 17 Pad Presets
– 16 Synth Presets (Leads & Melodic Synths)
– 7 SFX Presets
– 48 Custom Wavetables (Analog Synths, Noise & Percussion)
– 50 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-labelled)
– 100% Royalty-Free


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