3 Ways To Deliver Great Customer Service

Three Ways To Deliver Great Customer Service

Statement:  “OK Mitch I understand…you’re writing this article because you’re p*ssed off about the lack of customer service you’ve received.”  Yes and no.  I’m writing this article to illustrate how customer service is the #1 thing lacking in today’s business world.  It doesn’t take much for you to go ABOVE AND BEYOND for your clientele. My employees know this rule and are told if there are any mess ups at an event that they have the power to give the client free overtime and to above all else take care of the customer’s concerns.  

A second way you can deliver on customer service for your clients is to touch base with them every 30 to 45 days and see how you can help them further in their wedding planning.  How many other wedding vendors are going to this level to help their clients? You will stand out from the crowd with your exceptional customer service skills and boost your referrals as they talk about how much they love your company to their engaged friends during their planning process.

Another way you can go above and beyond for your clients is to send them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant if they complete your survey and write a review on Wedding Wire for you after their event is over.  Brides of mine have definitely appreciated the gesture and this has gotten me referrals.

I hope that this article will serve as a reminder to always keep customer service as a #1 rule in your company above all else and will spark  your creativity to think of ways you can take care of your clients.


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