DJ Tips In Under A Minute: The Right Length For Your Tie.

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. I’m not the most fashion guy as you see, I have my tie.
Hopefully this is adjusting, but see where the tie stops right here where my hand is? The belt. Tie is supposed to touch the belt. So I have to adjust my belt so this doesn’t stick out, but I’ve seen some pictures lately of DJs with jackets that look very sharp. The jacket cuts the tie, then they take the jacket off and the tie is up here. You don’t want that, you want the tie to come down just touch the belt. I think probably perfect would be that, but think halfway you’re good. Anything over the belt, to me, is too long. If the tie goes to there, too long. So I stand up straight with my tie, I’m hitting right where I want to hit right there on the belt. So an odd DJ tips in under a minute from a non-fashion guy, but that’s what I got for you. I try to help out if you’re unaware of that. Some of you may not be accustomed to tying ties or where they go. So that’s it, have your tie go right here to your belt. DJ tips in under one minute.


from Mobile Beat For DJs