FOOZ – It’s Your Favorite Fuzz, Synth, Wah And Trem’s Forbidden Lovechild




We have amazing engineers here in the Seymour Duncan Research Lab. And, like all great engineers, they love to tweak, tinker, and push the boundaries beyond the realm of what’s possible. Wayne brings his deep knowledge of analog circuits from the days of working on the Mars Rover (for real!) and Kevin has been designing circuits since before he could walk. And, now they’ve designed FOOZ…


Today, we’re introducing the FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synth pedal. Think of it as your favorite fuzz, synth, wah and trem pedals’ forbidden lovechild—bridging the best of each of these effects in a way never offered before in a guitar pedal!

Whether you’re on guitar, bass, synth, or even turntables, FOOZ gives you endless inspiration and creativity. Who knows, it might just send you to Mars and back!

Click below for sound samples…



Key Features
Tap Tempo & Powerful LFO Control
Assign the LFO to the Volume or Filter
Assignable Expression Input
Assignable Envelope Follower
Square Wave Fuzz Generator
Warm, Analog (synth style) Filter





from Harmony Central Press Room—its-an-analog-fuzz-synthesizer