What Makes YOU Stand Out?

Standing out is essential to building our personal brand. Excelling at the service we provide can help us to grow our business, but to truly become a well-known figure in our local markets we need to develop a quality (or multiple) that distinguishes us from the hordes of other DJs and entertainment options that our potential clients have to choose from.

Some DJs are known for a specific service they provide; you may be the only person in your neck of the woods that’s offering indoor fireworks or light-up LOVE letters. Other DJs are well known for their personalities. My good friend Rob Ferre is known as the goofy, outgoing guy in the crazy suits that loves to work with kids. Joe Bunn is the man with the southern accent who has an obsession with shoes. You see, what sets you apart is YOU – it doesn’t have to be intimately tied with your business.

One simple way that I set myself apart when I meet people is with my business cards. “Business cards?” you may ask. “How on earth do business cards set you apart?” At first glance, my card isn’t anything special. It’s designed to look like a Pioneer DDJ-SX, and you can immediately tell that I’m a DJ. But once you pick up the card, you’ll notice that the paper is three times as thick as a normal business card with a colored red layer between the two card faces. No matter how subtle, whenever someone picks up my card they immediately go “whoa, this feels different.” Now, my company name and information is associated with their perception of different. I already stand out in their minds.

Other ways I aim to stand out is by always being the most well-dressed vendor at a wedding or networking meeting. While not completely unique to me, I strive to bring each vendor I work with a printed timeline, something done by an extremely small amount of DJs in my area. None of these tiny habits are terribly hard or extraordinary, but when combined they truly help me forge my personal brand and reputation.

What do you do that sets you apart from other DJs in your area?

from Mobile Beat For DJs www.mobilebeat.com/what-makes-you-stand-out/