Wedding DJ Marketing Tips Made Easy By Terry Lewis #10

Cont. from last week…

2: I don’t need to collect data, if they like me, they’ll get in touch and book me

I use to think like this, but the reality is, most won’t.

Yes, it happened a few times, but I soon realised the truth that brides may well have liked me at the fair and taken my marketing material home with all the others, but what if my card or brochure got lost and could not be found when the bride was ready to contact me? I’d have no choice but to say goodbye to my lead even if the bride was intent on booking because what I effectively did was abdicate the responsibility of the booking to the bride when I should have claimed that essential responsibility for myself.

Today I make it super simple for a bride to book me through permission-based follow-up that I am in control of and I highly recommend you do the same. 

3: I don’t have time to follow-up

I’m 100% with you on this one…

The wedding fair will detonate an administrative time bomb, creating hours of post-event follow-up before you will be able to convert your warm leads into clients. Remember it’s going to take on average 7 – 12 touches to get booked. But you have to do it because as a wedding creative, most of your sales will come from one-time buyers, so new business will be the bloodline of your wedding business. Without it, you will experience cash flow problems. 

So invest in an excellent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage all your interactions with current and future brides.

A CRM is capable of sending out personalised, automated time-delayed messages on your behalf that look as if they were hand typed by you, using the bride and groom’s name, wedding date, venue etc. In fact the templates I use are so effectively wordsmithed, brides often write back responding to my fourth or fifth automated response saying something like “Hi Terry, I am so sorry not to have got back to you sooner, I did receive your previous messages but I had been busy with XY or Z until now, can we meet on …” They actually think I personally wrote all those messages in real time! The reality is I created the templates years ago, and they continue to sequentially flow out automatically, creating another touch that can potentially lead to a bride buying at some point in the future, while I write this post for you, or engage in some other activity. And as long as your emails add value to the bride, are benefit driven and create the certainty of perfection, you will not be seen as spammy, but fail at this hurdle and you will.

I literally have hundreds of leads going on at any one time, and I would need a whole admin team to manage them manually, yet my CRM handles them like a breeze. I set it and (almost) forget it. And this is precisely what I advise you do. Go and discover a perfect CRM that automates repetitive tasks in a personalised way that convinces your prospect that you sat at your computer and personally wrote to them.


OK, having spoken at length on data I want to conclude by giving you a free template to help you ask for the key information you’ll need to collect for follow-up. 

To be continued next week…


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