Fix Your Process Part 3

Last week we explored fixing your process in a bit deeper way. We’ll wrap up this series this week with some final thoughts.

Thinking about your process is the same thing I stated in “Creative Consultations” back in 2011. Sit where your client sits. See what they see. Just recently I was asked by a fellow deejay to look at his process in regards to the sales cycle, email campaigns and things. I didn’t have to examine his process too in depth and was able to pick out two or three things from just that quick glance over of ways he could improve. I emailed him and said here’s what I’d recommend. Shorten up your words. Don’t use flowery long description. If it’s only a benefit to you and not the clients then get rid of it. Get rid of all of the I’s, me’s and my’s and turn them into you and your statements.

When looking to improve your own business, look at ways you can learn from others. The fact that I couldn’t navigate a website and how frustrating it was inspired me to look inward and then share that thought process with you here. I’m always looking for the flip side of an equation as an entrepreneur to understand how I can use someone else’s best or worst and make my business better. Make it easy for people to give you money.


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