Are you going to buy the Galaxy S10 or S10+?

How badly do you want a larger battery and display?

Last week, Samsung dazzled us with its unveiling of the Galaxy S10 series. While we already had a pretty good idea of what to expect thanks o the rumor mill, it was still exciting to finally see the phones in-person and learn all of the official details.

Now that pre-orders are open, it’s time to make a difficult decision — Which model are you going to get?

Looking specifically at the S10 and S10+, here’s what some of our AC forum members have chosen:

02-21-2019 02:53 PM

I’m actually going for the S10 this time around. I don’t need the second selfie depth sensor so the smaller the punch hole the better.

I am kinda bummed that there is no more led indicator light though. They could’ve easily implemented it with the top speaker grill.


02-21-2019 03:46 PM

I think I am in a similar position. I have an S9+ now and would like a S10+ with bigger screen but lighter. However the smaller punch of the S10 with similar screen than the S9+ is making me having doubts.


02-21-2019 05:57 PM

I’m not sure either. I’m tired of the size of the Note 9 I have, and the 10+ is smaller than that, but I’m contemplating going with the regular 10. Only thing holding me back is what the battery life will be.


02-22-2019 07:14 PM

i would go for the s10+ for the bigger battery. i am sure i will get used to the holes for the front cameras.
and if you use a dark theme or a theme with a darker color band at the top of the screen you will not even see the holes.


What do you think? Are you going to get the S10 or S10+?

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