“Sometimes we need to fight harder to get the opportunities to come our way.” – Jessica Chang, Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan

Jessica Chang

As we celebrate International Womens’ Day this week, we’re delighted to shine a light on a selection of leading women in music, who share their industry vision in a series of interviews, before taking part in Midem 2019 next June. Today: Jessica Chang, Asia Pacific Regional Creative Manager / Writer Services, Warner/Chappell Music (Taiwan).


> What recent business achievement are you the most proud of?

Our team just held its biggest ever annual party in Taipei last month. We were joined by more than 240 songwriters and clients from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Several legendary award-winning songwriters shared their insights, and different songwriters of different genres performed live music on stage to impress our guests. Warner/Chappell Asia-Pacific dedicated this event to our songwriters and clients, facilitating more networking connections and business opportunities. The party was a great success and everyone went home filled with joy.

> What is your biggest hope for the music industry in 2019?

One more DIVA!  I grew up listening to Whitney and Mariah; then there were Alicia and Adele. It’s about time for another DIVA to take center stage.

> Do you have a particular wish for women in the music industry?

I hope there’ll be more female composers and producers in the music industry. In Asian markets that is still really rare and most of the songwriters and producers I’ve encountered are male.

> How has women’s role in the music industry evolved in recent years?

Things are changing and I think new technology is making things a little bit easier. In earlier times, I didn’t know of any female recording engineers, and most women in the industry were doing administrative work. But in recent years, I’ve seen a lot of women undertake different jobs from high-level management, through professional lyricists to sound engineers, all with great achievement.

> What obstacles remain to be overcome?

I’d say there are obstacles for everyone and that sometimes we need to fight harder to get the opportunities to come our way.

> What will you look for when attending Midem next June?

New inspirations!  Being an A&R, I’m always eager to learn and find something different or unique to share with my songwriters and colleagues.

> Which artists are you the most excited about right now and why?

Dua Lipa!  She has the vibe – both her music videos and her interviews have this bad ass woman edgy thing.  Love her charisma on stage too!


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