New video Betta Lemme – Kick The Door (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music] by Ultra Music on YouTube

Betta Lemme – Kick The Door (Animated Cover Art) [Ultra Music]
Betta Lemme – Kick the Door
Betta Lemme – Kick the Door by Ultra Music
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This is the Tarantino fight scene. This song is the iconic moment of fighting the group that bullied you even if you’re alone against the wall. KICK is the anthem and energy needed in a world where we have to fight to be ourselves. We are faced with so many challenges and barriers in this day and age that we never thought we’d have to experience. Just when we think we’re going to be fine someone wants to put a wall in front of us. Sometimes that person can even be yourself. The goal of this song is to keep up the tenacity even when you’re scared or uncertain, to fight and kick through anything that gets in your way so you can be the best version of yourself. The song is about kicking through the bullshit, insecurities, and fear. Everything we really truly want is on the other side of fear whether it’s breaking up with someone, whether it’s asking for what we want, and being unapologetic with our true selves. Sometimes we’re scared to simply be ourselves and this song is about taking back your power and telling the world “Bring it on. I’m ready.”
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Photographer: Bekka Gunther
Animated Artist: Rafatoon

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