Your battery pack is a liar and you deserve one that’s actually portable!

Most battery packs and power banks are liars! They say they’re portable, but what they actually are is heavy, huge, and hopeless. Most need a backpack or a purse to carry them around — or else they might pants you on a busy, crowded street. If your portable battery pack doesn’t fit on your person to carry it around while you’re charging at a sporting event, on an all-day hike, or in a two-hour line at Disneyland, then your power bank won’t be there when you need it. Get one that will!

Futureproof and phone-sized

AUKEY 10000mAh USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

This power bank is on the larger side of pocketable — around the same size as a Note 9 — but I really like the AUKEY for three reasons: it has USB-C for input and output, two USB-A ports, and it supports both QC 3.0 and Power Delivery fast charging standards.

$30 at Amazon

Most popular

Anker PowerCore 10000

There is a newer Anker PowerCore 10000 available, but that model is larger and while it does have a USB-C port, it’s for input only. I’d recommend sticking with the older, more compact microUSB only version and saving yourself a few dollars.

$32 at Amazon

Go wireless

Hokonui 10000mAh 10W Fast Qi Wireless Power Bank

Forget the PowerShare on the new S10 and get yourself a pocketable wireless charger that can recharge your phones, Galaxy Buds, or any other Qi accessories without killing your phone battery! It also supports 18W Power Delivery charging and QC 3.0.

$34 at Amazon

European only

Iceworks 7000

I reviewed the Iceworks 7000 six months ago and it’s been sneaking its way into my pockets, purses, and gear bags ever since with its perfectly slim size. It’s a shame it’s only available via

£23 at Amazon UK

All C, all the time

eeco Ultra Slim USB-C Portable Charger 5000mAh

Eeco’s slim, monolithic design makes it look more like a portable hard drive than a power bank, with its single solitary USB-C port, but this bank only having a single port means there’s less to break and less parts to jack up the price.

$17 at Amazon


RAVPower 6700 Battery Pack

About the size of a card deck, this trusted RAVPower charger is fatter than the wide, slim “phone-sized” packs above, but that makes it easy to fit into smaller pockets or smaller hands as you use it to recharge your devices. It even comes with a carrying pouch.

$17 at Amazon

Power of the rainbow!

Poweradd Slim 2 Most Compact 5000mAh External Battery

Fight back against bland, black accessories with these shiny, colorful little power packs. Available in pink, red, blue, green — and black, if you really want to be boring — these 5,000mAh portable batteries are compact, round, and can fully recharge most phones at least once before running dry.

$13 at Amazon

All the right angles

nonda ZUS Right Angle USB-A to USB-C Cable

Having the cable sticking straight up in your pocket is unwieldy, and can lead to broken cables or power banks when sitting down. This is one of many times when a right-angle cable is wonderful, and I’ve used a ZUS right-angle cable for years for charging in tight spaces, like cars and in-pocket charging.

$13 at Amazon

Keep it on a short leash

Boxeroo Short Type C Cable 5-pack

The other cable type that’s handy to have with a portable battery is a short cable that won’t get in the way too much. Many power banks come with 6 inch cables, but I find 1 foot cables give just enough room to maneuver both the phone and power bank around. This 5-pack also leaves some spares for the car!

$11 at Amazon

I’m a fan of the flatter, thinner, phone-shaped power banks like the AUKEY 10000mAh USB-C Power Bank because they’re easier to fit in my pocket and my hand. The Iceworks 7000 isn’t available in the US, but this great little USB-C power bank is almost the same size as my Galaxy S10 and is easy to grab and go. That said, power banks that don’t have permanently attached cables tend to be a little more adaptable, and right-angle cables like nonda ZUS make it easy to charge while the power bank’s in your pocket. Just make sure you’ve got a cable tie to keep it together, untangled, and out of the way.

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