Offset Explains His Controversial Apology to Cardi B on ‘Ellen’: ‘It’s Me Being Vulnerable’

We are seeing a side of Offset we haven’t seen before. It’s great.

Offset stopped by ‘Ellen’ to discuss his public apology to his wife, his car accident and more. Back in December, 1/3 of the Migos trio crashed Cardi B’s Rolling Loud set to apologize after another account of cheating allegations hit the news. The Father of 4 rapper was highly criticized for his move, but later defended his action on a number of accounts. He stopped by Ellen yesterday to explain the method to what many may have considered to be madness.

“I love my wife, so it’s serious, not a game to me. We have schedules and we have shows. I just felt like if I gave that break between time — I just can’t give that break between time. So, as my forefront, I stepped to it as a man and said, ‘I’m wrong.’ I stepped to it as a man, and you don’t have to take me back but I just want you to know I love you and I care. I’m putting it all out on the table.

I asked her to marry me in Philadelphia at the radio show in front of 60,000 people. So, it’s like, when I did that, they were like, ‘Oh, why’d you do that?’ It’s just my affection, so I’m not hiding it. I’m not hiding my affection for you. It’s me being vulnerable, I guess. It kind of bit me with the response of people, but that’s why men aren’t trying to be vulnerable. Because when you do it, it’s something wrong with it either way.”

In an interview with The Breakfast Club last month, Offset stated that he could not let time elapse between himself and Cardi. He felt that giving her space will not end well. It looks like Offset made the right decision because Kulture’s parents are back and working to make their marriage flourish.

Offset also opened up about his life-threatening car accident, which inspired his single, “Red Room.” At the time, Cardi was 7 months pregnant.

“I went to the hospital and they told me I fractured my eye,” he says. “I did all of the exams and I was good, so I just thank God for that.”

To end the show, Offset performed “Legacy” with Travis Scott. Watch the performance here.

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