What’s Your IQ Part 3

This week we continue with “What’s Your IQ?, Part 3”.  Reinforce your timeline creation and discuss one aspect of the night such as their cake cutting ceremony.  You might say “Before we introduce that moment we will behind the scenes ensure that your cake knife, plate, server, napkin, photographer and parents are in the room and all where they should be before we ever announce it.  Then we’ll also ensure that whatever is happening next after that moment is ready so there’s a smooth transition from one moment to the next, allowing your guests to feel more involved and informed of what is happening during the evening and eliminating any lulls that you may have seen at other events.”

The bottom line is this.  Intriguing questions are what draws your client in and gets them to want to know more about you.  They are also what differentiate you from any other person they are speaking with. If you’re NOT asking intriguing questions and just boiling it down to “Well we offer 2 DJs, full sound and lighting for six hours for $XXX or $XXXX then most likely you’re killing the sale before it ever has a chance to grow.  


Meet Mitch Taylor: A Jeffrey Gitomer Licensed Trainer and a member of the National Speakers Association, Mitch has impacted thousands over the course of his career, through interactive workshop instruction, sales mentoring, educational podcasts & personal coaching.

Mitch Taylor Gitomer Licensed Trainer Taylored Sales

Mitch is the author of the book SALES 4 Event Pros, and has written articles for several industry publications including Promo Only, DJNews, and Mobile Beat. Mitch regularly hosts #LiveAt755, your Daily Motivational Kick Start every weekday at 7:55am on his Facebook Feed. To get yours go to

Mitch is also one half of the Creating Connections team with Certified Personality Trainer Vickie Musni. Together they have written Creating Connections: 31 Days To Building Stronger & Deeper Relationships and host a weekly podcast entitled Creating Connections.

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