Novation adds more new features to Circuit with v1.8

The compact groovebox gains microstep editing, non-quantized recording and more

Novation has updated its affordable synth/sampling groovebox Circuit, adding four new features coming for version 1.8. Living up to its claimed commitment to the ongoing development of the Circuit, the UK brand has added more features that it says “are sure to benefit every producer’s creative workflow.”

The new features include non-quantized recording, which lets users live input synth and drum tracks directly to the sequencer’s microsteps (ie, letting hits fall between the main ‘steps’ of the sequencer). Microsteps can also now be edited using the sequencer grid. Each step gets six available microsteps, allowing for syncopated lines and rapid-fire trills.

Elsewhere, the update adds per-note velocity tracking for the two synth engines, meaning that notes that share a sequencer step can now each have different velocity levels. Finally, version 1.8 also introduces assignable MIDI channels. This will be welcome news to anyone who regularly uses Circuit’s (excellent) sequencer to control external hardware.

The update is free to all users, and can be grabbed now via the Components browser app.

from EMusician