SOURCE SPORTS: LeBron James Makes a Promise of Better Days to #LakerNation

The first season of the LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers experiment has been deemed by many in the basketball community as a failure but King James hit Twitter to let fans know that he won’t let them down.

After a loss to the Brooklyn Nets over the weekend that officially eliminated King James and crew from the chase for the Larry O’Brien trophy, LeBron shared “Believe me! Promise #LakerNation that spell won’t last much longer! I swear. The marathon continues.”

It’s been a weekend full of Laker headlines. LeBron’s promise comes in a weekend where his trainer revealed that he should have sat out the season after his Christmas Day injury, citing it was a six-month recovery window, which LeBron shortened to six weeks. If that isn’t enough for Laker fans, Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand appear to be done after $1.5 million has gone missing from the starting point guards account, which is stated to be taken by a trusted person to the ball family.

Back to LeBron, he has made promises before. He promised championships to the Miami Heat, delivering two and told Cleveland when he returned that he would hoist a banner for his hometown Cavs. So if you are a Lakers fan, you have something to hold out hope for and a LeBron with five months of rest and recovery is something we haven’t seen before.

Check out his message to #LakerNation below.


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