Month: April 2019

Mobile DJ Tips: Forms That Will Help Make Gigs Easy

Previously, I’ve covered the importance of having great contracts for mobile gigs some key language and provisions in your contract to legally keep you and your client in check. If you didn’t read that yet, you can catch up here. In part 2, I’m diving into the next set of important literature you need to

Geechi Gotti Finally Gets A Shot At The Wave! Tsu Surf Accepts Challenge

At last weekend’s “Resolution” SMACK/URLTV event in Atlanta, featuring the highly anticipated Cassidy vs. Goodz battle, the surprise announcement of the Tsu Surf vs. Geechi Gotti battle was unveiled live on stage. The battle is schedule to appear on the upcoming  NOME 9 event in Houston, Texas set for Saturday, June 8th. Over the last


Think Again! Inside this Mobile Beat you’ll find a bunch of ideas for adjusting your perspective on a variety of DJ issues. We hit on tech misconceptions, the sync button controversy, “sacred cows” and more. So crack open this MB for a DJ reality check! ~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYLIST: THINK AGAIN: MYTHS, MISCONCEPTIONS

VORKE GT-King Amlogic S922X TV Box Sells for $114

One of the first Amlogic S922X TV box to show up in our news feed was Beelink GT1-K “King” with 4GB LPDDR4, 64GB eMMC flash, and all interfaces and features you’d expect from a… from CNXSoft – Embedded Systems News via IFTTT

Review: Grass is Greener

It’s easy to focus on the positives and tune out the negatives of cannabis legalization when, in more places than ever, you can walk into a storefront and conveniently purchase a pre-roll without fear of being arrested. So, it makes sense that when brands like Ben and Jerry’s make statements about racial injustice or documentaries like Grass