T-Mobile is giving away Starbucks gift cards on Tuesday, December 10

Hopefully, the Un-Carrier will give enough for a venti, no-whip, extra shot mocha

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile will give away $3 Starbucks gift cards to customers on Tuesday, December 10.
  • John Legere announced on Twitter that a half-million cards will be handed out.
  • Last year’s Starbucks giveaway broke records for T-Mobile Tuesdays.

As part of its ongoing T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaway campaign for subscribers, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that the carrier will be offering Starbucks gift cards next week. At 4 PM ET /1 PM PT, a half-million Starbucks cards will be available on the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and will be gifted as long as supplies last. T-Mobile currently has around 84 million subscribers in the U.S., so up to 83.5 million people could come away unhappy. The gift cards are valued at $3, so while it likely won’t cover your entire drink order, it should at least put a good dent in the final cost.

Usually, T-Mobile Tuesday deals involve discounted products and services, with occasional free-giveaway exceptions. In September, the company gifted users with a free Impossible Burger Whopper at Burger King. Before the past baseball season began, T-Mobile gave a year access to

T-Mobile Tuesdays launched in 2016 with a corresponding app for T-Mobile phones. The giveaway program was part of John Legere’s now-famous Un-Carrier announcements. With Legere leaving the company soon, it will be interesting to see if these robust Tuesday offers, or even the entire Un-Carrier branding campaign, continues in his absence.

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