About this site

I launched Det0nator Radio as an online radio station back in the summer of 2007. Its purpose was to promote new music from major label, indie and unsigned artists. Unfortunately it grew too fast and was too time consuming for me to manage alone. In 2014 I decided to shut down Det0nator Radio.

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Ever since I shut off the station there’s been allot of traffic still landing on this site.

Ive been going through allot of shit IRL so Ive been unable to do anything music related since the shut down. I know allot of artists are still trying to send me their mixtapes, videos, singles, remixes etc. I dont want to let this go to waste.

Here are some short term and long term ideas im considering to replace the station with.

In no particular order:

  • remix crew project, in the past I had tried to organize a remix crew. thats something im considering doing again.
  • mixcloud releases, on demand services seem to be what most people want. I also like the idea that mixcloud pays royalties for song listens to the artists.
  • spotify releases. Ive read about spotify planning on supporting dj mixtape uploads.
  • blog and twitter updates. this will be a secondary goal depending on my availability
  • relaunch website with new graphics and design
  • keep things practical. if its too time consuming for one person to accomplish im probably not going to do it.
  • reevaluate the song submission process. I was receiving way too many song submissions per day it was taking too much time out of my life.
  • take bookings for LOCAL mobile and club dj bookings. self explanatory.