The Best Universal Remotes

You don’t have to go too far to find a really good universal remote control. And, in fact, you’ve got some really options. Remote controls, as a general rule, suck. It’s not a matter of your device — stereo, TV, set-top box, whatever — having a good remote. It’s more of “OK, which is the least worst?”

Your shiny new OnePlus 5T can’t stream HD videos

A future software update will fix this, but why is it an issue in the first place? Our phones are capable of more than ever before nowadays, and because of this, there are some things we no longer have to think about as we just expect it to work. Pretty much every phone from the

Everything we know so far about Fallout 4 VR

What do I need to know about Fallout 4 VR? Fallout 4 VR is expected to release for HTC Vive December 12, 2017. Are you getting excited? Here’s everything we know so far. Read more at VRHeads! from Android Central – Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers via IFTTT

Here’s how to sync smart home gadgets using Google Assistant

“Ok, Google, sync my devices.” Thanks to products like Philips Hue light bulbs, WeMo smart switches, and more, our homes are now smarter than ever before. However, as awesome as these things are when they work, they can often be a pain in the butt to pair new gadgets, move them to another room, etc.

Google Home, Pixel 2 deals hit the UK holiday season

If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one this holiday season, Google’s UK store has reintroduced deals on the Home, Home Mini and Pixel 2 in the run-up to the festivities. As recently as Black Friday deals could be had on the same items, but discounts are back as folks are clamoring to

Google Pixel Buds UK review: A second opinion

Google’s smart earbuds are a decent proof of concept, but at £159 they’re a really tough sell. With the removal of the headphone jack from this year’s Pixel phones it’s pretty clear Google expects buyers to go wireless for their mobile audio needs. And if you’re sticking within the Google ecosystem, the company is hoping