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Steinberg Releases Cubase 10.5. Here’s What’s New

Cubase 10.5 is the new version of Steinberg’s award-winning music production system, combining sophisticated audio/MIDI tools with pristine audio quality in one of the most advanced DAWs today. … from AskAudio Magazine ask.audio/articles/steinberg-releases-cubase-105-heres-whats-new via IFTTT

Soundmit 2019: ChiralityAudio FX Pedals

These unique, custom built guitar pedals for guitarists and synths are capable of some remarkable effects and results. See and hear them in action in this short video from Soundmit. … from AskAudio Magazine ask.audio/articles/soundmit-2019-chiralityaudio-fx-pedals via IFTTT

Soundmit 2019: WaveLicker Eurorack Modules

Alain from WaveLicker introduces his unique synthesizer modules, including a setup he created for a world-famous theremin player, and his infamous Christmas tree / song pattern playing module. … from AskAudio Magazine ask.audio/articles/soundmit-2019-wavelicker-eurorack-modules via IFTTT