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Amazon Exclusive $1,500 5.2.4 Channel Recommended Home Theater System

Do you want to build a respectable and aesthetically pleasing home theater, but only have $1,500 to spend on the whole kit and caboodle? Forget that HTiB system from your local big box and check out our Audioholics Amazon exclusive $1,500 5.2.4 recommended home theater system featuring components from Sony, Polk and Onkyo. We built

Old Integrated Amplifiers in Today’s Modern World

What happens when your pre/pro separates are a hair too big for your entertainment center and your new replacement amp fails after a year and a half? Follow the saga of finding just the right amplifier for a three zone house. The journey will take you to an unexpected ending that leads to a vintage

Yamaha 5000 Series Premium Hi-Fi Audio Components Targets Audiophiles

Yamaha launched a new series of premium two-channel audio components called the 5000 Series. Designed to be paired with the company’s NS-5000 speakers ($15,000/pair), the new GT-5000 turntable ($8,000), C-5000 preamplifier ($10,000), and M-5000 power amplifier ($10,000) make a bold statement about Yamaha’s commitment to high-end audio. The electronics feature patented circuit designs that are

Focal 300 Series In-Wall Speakers Review

Focal’s 300 series architectural speakers are designed from the ground up for music or cinema aficionados. Each speaker in the 300 series sports a true, tool-less design with the company’s patented EQI (Easy Quick Install) system. The EQI system is a blessing for installers and DIYers alike. Featuring a Flax cone and Focal’s signature inverted

Tidal VS Qobuz: Battle of the Hi-Res Streaming Services!

When it comes to streaming services, we have the big players like Apple, Amazon, and Spotify. Now we can add Qobuz to the list of boutique brands like Tidal that cater to audiophiles. Given that Tidal seems to be struggling, we wondered if there was in fact a need for yet another niche streaming service.

Fluance RT85 Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Review

Fluance has been making quality turntables for over 20 years, so it was with great enthusiasm that they sent out the RT85 turntable for review. This good-looking turntable had my expectation high for their new and attractive mid-level turntable. At $499 the Fluance RT85 turntable is touted to be a great bargain with amazing looks

Room Reflections & Human Adaptation for Small Room Acoustics

Dealing with acoustics in small rooms is no trivial matter. The quest for the “perfect” room all depends on your expectations, why you are listening (business or pleasure), what program you are listening to, and the condition of the ears you are listening through. This article and recently added YouTube discussion focuses on the topic