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Sven Glass: Blown For the Soul, From the Soul

For Michael Svensson, who prefers to go by Sven, making a functional piece of glass art is about much more than just aesthetics. For him, it’s important that his glasswork embody his love for creativity, his respect for the artistic process and his unwavering commitment to personal growth. Especially since that’s what attracted him to

Cannabis Now’s Ultimate Guide to 420

This 420, cannabis is more widely available to your average consumer than it has been in decades. Recently, some have argued that 420 is increasingly irrelevant, now that it’s legal for adults over the age of 21 to consume in 10 states, two U.S. territories and Washington, D.C., as well as abroad in Uruguay and Canada. But

Where to Celebrate 420 Across America This Year

We’ve got a list of events from coast to coast sure to spark maximum adventure and cloudy fun this holiday weekend. Some of these events take place at the latest and greatest places to smoke pot legally with your homies. Others are classic spots from cannabis history, infused with energy from the victories activists and

Colorado Needs You to Use Cannabis and Drive — For Science

Driving while stoned is many things. It’s selfish and irresponsible, because cannabis is almost certainly impairing, which also makes it unsafe. It’s also risky and something you shouldn’t do it on any day, especially not on April 20, when police will be looking for 420 dummies. But one thing it is not is an equivalent

Host a 420 Seder With Infused Charoset

Each item on a seder plate means something different as the items are all a symbol of one or more aspects of the Israelites emancipation from the slavery of ancient Egypt. The egg represents new life, spring, the cycle of birth and death. The bitter herbs, usually raw horseradish, represents the bitterness of slavery, while

The 5 Most Hype Strains for 420 This Year

This hallowed time comes but once a year: The time to determine the most hype strains for 420. So, today, we bring you a collection of cannabis strains from, or near, the pinnacle of the North American cannabis scene. Each member on this list are coveted strains worthy of any true connoisseur collection, so they

Carl’s Jr. Will Make 420 History With A CBD-Infused Burger

We’ve created a monster. Well, not us specifically, but over the past few years the media has talked lot of smack about cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating compound of the cannabis sativa plant, and the discussion, one that began with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has now led a vast majority of the American people to believe that

Inside the Free Speech Battle Over Vancouver’s 420 Festivities

Vancouver’s first 420 event of the post-legalization era in Canada is, paradoxically, turning into a fight over free speech. City authorities claim the event has gotten out of control and must come to an end — or at least be significantly reined in. Organizers, in turn, are asserting their right to hold the event without

This 420, Just Remember Everyone You Work With Is High

One of the most common phrases used in the workplace today is: “What, are you high?” It can be spewed in jest or as a snappy comeback, like “Man, piss off, you must be stoned.” It can also be applied in the form of an insult or as a catty means for backstabbing cohorts, perhaps

Ben & Jerry’s Backs Cannabis Record Expungement Program for 420

Sometimes in this fast-paced world of changing cannabis laws, we lose track of how many people are still entering the criminal justice system because of crimes related to cannabis possession. While much of the talk around cannabis currently is about improving bank accounts, efforts like the one just announced by Ben & Jerry’s and California cannabis company