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While Cannabis Industry Grows, More People Are Being Busted for Weed

Cannabis advocates would dare say that 2019 has been a banner year in the realm of pot reform. Many boast about how the legal cannabis trade is, depending on which analysis we choose to listen to this week, on the verge of becoming a mega-billion dollar business sector that employs hundreds of thousands of workers, cures the

OSHA Training Comes to California Cannabis

In another landmark shift, as California’s cannabis industry evolves from an underground movement to a regulated market, state rules now require permit holders to undergo extensive safety training from the state’s arm of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Just like adjusting to licensing hurdles and tracking timelines have proved an issue for the industry that is

Ed Rosenthal’s Guide to Understanding Nutrients

When plants cannot get the nutrients they need, they do not function properly, adversely affecting growth and yield. This can occur in any growing medium, while using any planting mix or technique — coir, rock wool, soil, soil-less, hydroponic or aeroponic. Plant disorders are characterized by their symptoms, which appear more quickly in hydroponic gardens

Amid PTSD Crisis, Veterans Are Still Waiting for Medical Cannabis

The percentage of military veterans facing challenges from PTSD is staggering — and research shows that medical marijuana can provide relief to people struggling with the illness. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs remains intransigent on allowing veterans access to cannabis within its medical system, and legislators haven’t taken action to override those stubborn officials.

Vaping Flowers: Not All Vaping Is The Same

It’s been since early May when I smoked my last joint and that’s hard to believe. I have survived! For the few first months, I researched the art of edibles, perhaps the most benign form of cannabis ingestion and yet also the most stoney and, depending on the dose, the most unpredictable. As the intention

Controlling Humidity During the Cannabis Cure

As esteemed cannabis author Ed Rosenthal says, “marijuana may not be addictive, but growing it is.” Now is the time of year when both commercially licensed companies and homegrowers are taking down their plants and facing the next challenge: curing their finished cannabis buds. While Rosenthal is absolutely right when he says cannabis is relatively

Cops Claim a ‘$1 Billion’ Cannabis Bust

On Oct. 31, the Sheriff’s Office in Kern County, California, a stretch of mostly unincorporated farmland in the state’s mostly conservative heartland, laid claim to one of the biggest marijuana busts in recorded history, if not the very biggest. A few days before, as the Bakersfield Californian first reported, sheriff’s deputies working with state Fish and

Massachusetts Marijuana Vape Ban Set to End

No state reacted more swiftly or more decisively to the still-ongoing outbreak of lung illnesses, injuries, and deaths connected to vaporizer use than Massachusetts. In September, a few weeks after the first of what is now 39 deaths and counting nationwide were reported, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker in September imposed a four-month ban on legal sales of all vapes,

Who Are the Highest Workers In America?

It’s a tough racket, trying to make an honest living here in the sweet old U.S. of A. Not only do some of us have to get up before the butt crack of dawn and start slaving away for “the man,” the money we get for engaging in this lunacy never seems to be enough

Colorado Loosens Rules on Investing in Cannabis Businesses

Colorado’s prohibition on publicly traded cannabis companies and limits on out-of-state investment were officially lifted at the start of this month, heralding a new era of growth in the state’s industry — and potentially one of further corporate consolidation. The changes went into effect on Nov. 1, under emergency rules issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana