MAGIX Releases World’s First DAW With Source Separation Technology For Remixing


ACID Pro Next – MAGIX releases the world’s first DAW with source separation technology for remixing 

MAGIX Software announces ACID Pro Next featuring revolutionary zynaptiq® STEM MAKER source separation technology to split audio into vocals, drums and music tracks – and updates ACID Pro to version 9 with multiple new features.



Berlin (Germany), 06/05/2019 – MAGIX Software announces ACID Pro Next, a next-generation series of DAWs that redefines music production. A world-first for any DAW is the integration of audio source separation directly into the creative process – zynaptiq® STEM MAKER technology splits songs neatly into different tracks for the ultimate sampling, remixing, mash-up and beat-making workflow. Together with the new MIDI Playable Chopper, ACID Pro Next turns into a powerful MPC-style performance sampler that delivers unprecedented creative possibilities to beat producers.


ACID Pro Next: The future of production, remixing and performance


At its core, ACID Pro Next utilizes ACID’s world-famous and innovative audio loop production. With the addition of other advanced features such as Melodyne Essential, exclusive instruments, and gigabytes of ACIDized loops for composition across many genres, ACID Pro Next takes its place as the premiere DAW in the ACID range, delivering next-level music production technology for everyone.

Torsten Heise, ACID Pro’s Product Owner says: “We are excited to announce ACID Pro Next. Being able to isolate your favorite audio vocals and beats in industry-leading quality with the groundbreaking technology of our partner zynaptiq®, and mix them into your favorite tunes is next-step thinking. With all of its extra MPC-style features, ACID Pro Next is not only the ultimate production and remixing tool, but becomes a piece of performance software in its own right!”

Denis Gökdag, zynaptiq® CEO adds: “We are thrilled to license STEM MAKER to MAGIX Software’s ACID Pro Next. We see ACID as a perfect match for our mission of pushing the boundaries – ACID has a long history of innovating how music is made. In that regard, the direct integration of our STEM MAKER into the creative workflow represents a quantum leap – and opens up the benefits of state of the art artificial intelligence signal processing technology to a huge creative audience.”

MAGIX is also offering flexible subscription options to their new DAW. ACID Pro Next 365comprises all features of the perpetual license with the added advantage of instant updates, new features and patches, plus exclusive bonus content in the form of extra plug-in instruments and effects. Subscriptions to ACID Pro Next 365 start at $19.99 per month. With the ACID Pro Next Suite MAGIX adds a wide array of extra content to the software such as the Independence Pro Plus Suite with 12 GB of sounds and 500 presets, ten exclusive Vita instruments, nine exclusive effects and two extra packs of loops.


ACID Pro 9: New performance features, same great ACID workflow

ACID Pro 9 is the latest incarnation of the legendary DAW renowned the world over for its innovative audio looping technology, powerful multitrack recording and high-end audio and MIDI features – all set within an easy-to-use interface. The new version 9 includes the new MIDI Playable Chopper plus all the performance enhancements and most of the additions in the all-new Next version except for the source separation. ACID Pro is also available on subscription starting at $7.99 per month.


Main features of ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro 9 at a glance:


Exclusive in ACID Pro Next: zynaptiq® source separation technology

ACID Pro Next includes zynaptiq® STEM MAKER source separation technology. Split full mixes into vocals, drums, and music – then use the results in your own music and remixes!

MIDI Playable Chopper

The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper allows splitting a file into beats and samples and then playing them, just like a classic MPC-style sampler. Performing with audio, playing a complete tune in real time, and recording everything as new events for instant remixing has never been easier.

Exclusive in ACID Pro Next: Celemony Melodyne Essential

Melodyne Essential offers a very fast and natural way of correcting pitch and tone errors in audio recordings, working especially well on vocals – for precise edits and incredibly authentic results.

Exclusive in ACID Pro Next: All-new mastering tools

Both versions comprise advanced features for professional mastering – including new loudness metering tools – allowing audio to be monitored with ultimate precision.

All-new ACIDized loops

ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro 9 come with a huge range of fresh loops, covering an array of music genres including Hip Hop, House, Grime and Trap. Load them in, mix them with ease by key and tempo, add effects and your music is made.

Dozens of instruments and effects

ACID Pro Next features 22 incredible instruments, 19 plug-in effects and tons of ACIDized loops worth over $1,500 when sold separately. ACID Pro 9 comes with instruments, effects and ACIDized loops worth over $1,000.

32-bit VST Bridge

The new 32-bit VST bridge allows to load in older plug-ins and run them in the new, sleek 64-bit ACID environment.

ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro 9 are now available online and in stores worldwide.

Prices and availability:

ACID Pro Next – $399.99
ACID Pro Next 365 – from $19.99 per month
ACID Pro Next Suite – $599.99
ACID Pro 9 – $149.99
ACID Pro 365 – from $7.99 per month

Learn more at


About ACID

For 20 years, ACID has stood for inspiring loop-based music production. ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro continue that tradition as powerful, fully-featured digital audio workstations with professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering tools for artists and producers.
In 2016, MAGIX acquired the ACID product line along with other audio and video products. MAGIX was founded in 1993 and is one of the leading manufactures for user-friendly, creative software. The company with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) employs more than 350 people worldwide.


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Erica Synths Unveils FUSION VCO V2 Eurorack Module


Erica Synths Unveils FUSION VCO V2 Eurorack Module


Fusion VCO V2 is designed to deliver earthshaking basslines and drones, along with flexible, distinct features



Riga, Latvia, May 6, 2019 — Erica Synths announces the latest addition to its Fusion series lineup of Eurorack modules, the Fusion VCO V2. The Fusion VCO V2 functions as a full analogue sound source, packing a lot of distinct features.


The core of the module centers on a highly stable AS3340-based VCO with three simultaneously available waveforms, transistor-based suboscillator and detune function. There are two BBD delay lines which can function as a frequency shifter, which can be mixed back to the principal oscillator in order to emulate two detuned VCOs. Meanwhile, tube crunch, a distinct tube overdrive, is added on the top of the mix.


Furthermore, the Audio input feature enables users to mix an external audio signal with the principal oscillator — resulting in a crazy sonic experience. If you are looking to get really low frequencies and have a sound that sets your modular system apart from mass, Fusion VCO V2 is exactly what you need!



  • Full analogue design
  • Great tracking over 8 octave range
  • Detune function for thickening the sound
  • -1 oct transistor based suboscillator
  • Tube overdrive circuit
  • External audio input
  • VCO synchronization
  • Simultaneous waveform outputs


To learn more about the Fusion VCO V2, please visit the Erica Synths product page.





Erica Synths team of visionaries, engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring you modules and instruments that will set your modular system apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions. For more information please visit



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KRK ROKIT G4 Monitors Now Available Worldwide


KRK ROKIT G4 Monitors Now Available Worldwide

New Monitors include DSP-driven LCD On-board EQ Presets to

Ensure the Best Sound in Any Environment


CHATSWORTH, CA, MAY 6, 2019 KRK Systems, part of the Gibson family of brands, is now shipping the ROKIT G4 – its fourth generation of the world’s best-selling studio monitors. The ROKIT G4 product range, which includes 5-, 7-, 8- and 10-inch models, are competitively priced and have been completely reengineered and re-designed from the ground up. The G4 monitors incorporate many of the advanced features of KRK’s professional-grade V Series 4 monitors, improving and enhancing the ROKIT line. The new G4s are the perfect solution for turning project studios into professional music-creation environments.


The ROKIT G4s feature an on-board DSP-driven Graphic EQ with 25 settings to help condition any acoustic environment while offering new levels of versatility in a studio monitor. They are also the only monitors in their class with an LCD screen to display DSP-driven EQ settings. Additionally, all system elements of the ROKIT G4 monitors are cohesively designed and engineered to work perfectly with its advanced drivers made with Kevlar®, efficient Class D power amplifiers and front-firing port, which collectively extend accurate and tight bass reproduction, and improve audio integrity while minimizing listening fatigue. 


“Our team put a great deal of time, energy and research into developing this product that has the power to transform any environment into a professional project studio,” says Jimmy R. Landry, Global Director of Marketing, Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands, Inc. “If you compare the KRK G4 monitors with the G3s, you will instantly hear the difference between the two, especially on the low-end accuracy—it’s dimensional with a lot of detail. The high-end is more open and detailed as well. With selectable DSP-driven EQ presets and an on-board LCD, the user experience has significantly improved – and we believe there isn’t a more complete studio monitor available at this price point that delivers such high-end performance.” 


The KRK ROKIT G4 Studio Monitors feature a systematically designed low resonance enclosure for minimal distortion and colorization, and a high-density ISO foam pad that decouples the speaker from the surface, which minimizes vibration transmission for improved clarity.


The bi-amp G4 range includes RP5 (5-inch), RP7 (7-inch) and RP8 (8-inch) models for pristine near-field monitoring. An additional tri-amp RP10-3 (10-inch) version incorporates a 4.5-inch mid-range woofer and one-inch tweeter for mid-field monitoring. The RP10-3 can also be arranged in horizontal mode by allowing the user to rotate the mid-range woofer and tweeter by 90 degrees for more precise listening accuracy and versatility. All G4 models feature a built-in brick-wall limiter, which automatically engages at maximum amp-level to maintain a balanced sound, protect the system and offer better and wider dynamics. In addition, KRK is working on a standalone “KRK Audio Tools App,” which will soon be available for download in Google Play and iOS app stores. The app will assist with monitor placement; level matching; subwoofer level and crossover setting assistance; polarity; and EQ for all KRK monitor lines.


For more information, visit:





About KRK Systems:

Over the past three decades, KRK Systems, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division, has become synonymous with quality design and unparalleled performance in the world of studio monitors, subwoofers and headphones. KRK offers products that meet the diverse needs of home studios and professional studios alike no matter the style of music or application. For more information, visit


About Gibson:

Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at 


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Producerloops Releases Tech House Tribe Sample Pack





‘Tech House Tribe’ boasts an underground collection of 20 Mini Construction Kits, 43 MIDI files and 107 drum one-shots designed to fire up your next House or Techno production. Vocal cuts, intricate tribal percussion, scene-setting FX, and chunky basslines form the backbone of this versatile and on-trend collection.


Mix and match elements across the 20 songstarter Construction Kits to deal a death blow to writer’s block. These samples will also integrate seamlessly into any four-on-the-floor track, particularly Techno or Deep House productions.


All loops are tempo-tagged, meaning they’ll slot right into your arrangement and match to the tempo of your project. Loops are also key-labelled, so you’ll know if you need to pitch the sample up or down to match your track’s key.


One-Shot Samples:

This pack includes one-shot samples, allowing you to create new beats, fills and loops to complement the existing material. Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and phrases.



All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any mechanical royalties.


Product Details:

• 20 Mini Construction Kits
• 371 WAV Files In Total
• 43 MIDI
• 15 Clap One-Shots
• 20 Hat One-Shots
• 20 Kick One-Shots
• 50 Perc One-Shots
• 10 Snare One-Shots
• 7 Cymbal One-Shots
• 459 WAV Files in Total
• ACIDized WAV Files
• Apple Loops/AIFF Files
• REX2 Loops
• Reason ReFill
• Ableton Live Pack 8.1.3+
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)



Price and Availability:


‘Tech House Tribe’ is available for instant download exclusively at for £24.95 / 30.38 EUR. More information is available at:



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V-Control Pro From Neyrinck Now Connects Legacy Control Surfaces To DAWs


V-Control Pro from Neyrinck Now Connects Legacy Control Surfaces to DAWs

Digidesign Control|24 and Digidesign ProControl now connect to modern Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, and Nuendo.

San Francisco, CA – April 2019 — Neyrinck, a San Francisco-based software company specializing in music technology solutions, has introduced V-Control Pro version 2.3 which connects legacy control surfaces to DAWs. This is the only solution for legacy devices Digidesign ProControl and Digidesign Control|24 to work with Pro Tools (11, 12, 2018, and 2019), Logic Pro X, Cubase, and Nuendo. ProControl systems of up to thirty-two faders are supported. Users can visit the Neyrinck store to download a limited-feature, free trial version.

Digidesign ProControl and Control|24 are professional, powerful audio control surfaces that stopped working with Pro Tools 11 and later when Pro Tools was modernized for 64-bit operating systems. Leaving owners of the surfaces no choice but to EOL (end-of-life) their investments, many were vocal on forums requesting someone rise to the challenge of getting them to work using the HUI Protocol. Founder Paul Neyrinck quickly stepped up after using the same protocol to control Pro Tools with the V-Console app for tablets and phones. After that, Neyrinck did extensive work to make these surfaces integrate well with Logic Pro X, Cubase, and Nuendo, which has never been previously possible. 
“This update has ProControl and Control|24 owners jumping for joy, literally,” states Neyrinck. “These are wonderful surfaces to use when mixing and recording. ProControl’s faders and buttons are incredible, but their users have seen support recede over time. I’m thrilled to resurrect them, and am currently working on adding V-Control Pro support for more control surfaces.”
Until now, ProControl and Control|24 surfaces have not been supported by any other DAW than Pro Tools. V-Control Pro already supported several DAWs with its V-Console app for tablets and phones, so it was a natural fit to connect them to ProControl and Control|24. However, these surfaces provide a lot of features and integrating them to Logic Pro X, Cubase and Nuendo required several months of development that delayed its release in order to provide the professional user-experience that Neyrinck’s products are known for. 
V-Control Pro user Paul Hager, FOH Engineer and Recording Mixing Engineer (Miley Cyrus / Beck / Devo) explained, “I stayed on Pro Tools|HD 10 as long as I could due to my 32 channel ProControl not working after Pro Tools had gone 64 bit. As features got better in Pro Tools, I had to switch. So for the last few years, the ProControl sat dormant and was used as a table for my Euphonix (8 channel). Although I loved the ProControl way more, I was thinking of selling or donating it until Neyrinck came up with a fix. Now, I couldn’t be happier to be using the most up-to-date version of Pro Tools and my ProControl with V-Control Pro!”
Three versions of V-Control Pro are available now in the Neyrinck store:
V-Control Pro Free can be installed with limited features for a free trial.
V-Control Pro Bundle is US $49.99/year.
V-Control Bundle Full License is US $199.
For more information, visit
About Neyrinck
Neyrinck, a software company based in San Francisco, produces the SoundCode tools which integrate Dolby technologies with DAWs, and V-Control Pro which connects devices to media applications.

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Origin Effects Unveils Two New Dual-Chained Compressor Pedals


Origin Effects unveils two new dual-chained compressor pedals


Cali76 Stacked Edition and SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Mk2 join Origin’s celebrated range of studio-grade stompbox compressors



Oxfordshire, UK (03 May 2019) – Origin Effects has introduced a pair of new compressor pedals. While the updated SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Mk2 brings additional levels of adjustability to the SlideRIG design, the new Cali76 Stacked Edition takes Origin’s signature dual-chained compression into uncharted territory.


Daisy-chaining a pair of outboard compressors together is an old studio trick made famous by Lowell George of Little Feat, who achieved his legendary, endlessly sustaining slide guitar sound by recording straight into the desk via first one Urei 1176 and then another. This was the inspiration behind the original SlideRIG, as used by everyone from David Gilmour to Joey Landreth.


Just like previous SlideRIGs, both of these new pedals feature the same painstakingly designed discrete Class-A circuitry found in Origin’s flagship Cali76 compressor. With two of these studio- grade, 1176-style compressors squeezed into one compact stompbox, they deliver ultra-quiet, effortlessly musical, two-stage FET compression and gorgeously clean, singing sustain. This time, however, Origin have added new controls to provide easier access to an even wider range of tones.


In essence, the Cali76 Stacked Edition is the missing link between the Cali76 and SlideRIG ranges. A brand-new control – the gold ‘Thru’ knob – determines how much signal is fed from the first compressor to the second. Incredibly simple to use, this control allows the Stacked Edition to deliver not only single-stage Cali76 and dual-stage SlideRIG sounds but also everything in between.


Independent LED VU meters let you see exactly how hard each stage is working, while each of the compression stages features its own combined Attack/Release control. With the Cali76 Stacked Edition, you can combine two distinct flavours of compression – one to add sustain and fullness and the other to subtly limit any stray peaks, for example – or max out both stages for a super-sensitive, ultra-sustaining “clean overdrive” effect.


The same combined Attack/Release control has also been added to the SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Mk2. With one knob, users can simultaneously adjust the response of both compression stages, changing the initial transient of each note from glassy and percussive at one extreme (slow attack, fast release) to smooth and uniform at the other (fast attack, slow release). The range of this control has been carefully tuned to optimise signal-to-noise ratio and avoid any undesirable distortion artefacts, even at extreme levels of compression, so you don’t need to be a studio technician to dial in killer dual-compressor tones. Both pedals are available to order now from Origin Effects dealers worldwide and direct from



For more information and all enquiries, please contact Origin Effects: +44 (0)800 810 1070 • E: • –


Key Features Cali76 Stacked Edition (£329/US$379/€379/AU$599):

Housing two Cali76 compressors chained together, the Stacked Edition features the same signal path as the SlideRIG but offers more control than ever before. With input level, output level and dry blend knobs, separate attack/release controls for each compression stage and the new ‘Thru’ knob to set how much signal is fed from one stage to another, it’s a Cali76, a SlideRIG and everything in between.


SlideRIG Compact Deluxe MK2 (£299/US$349/€349/AU$529):

The latest evolution of Origin’s unique dual-chained compressor. The Mk2 makes the complicated business of setting up two compressors in sequence incredibly easy, delivering awesome slide tones and endless clean sustain that’s perfect for slide. The new Attack/Release control adjusts both compression stages simultaneously, offering a continuous sweep of attack and release characteristics with no unpleasant artefacts.


All Compact Series pedals feature:

• 100% Class-A discrete signal path
• Classic, ultra-fast “FET” response
• Studio-grade discrete-transistor preamps
• High-current, low-noise electronics
• Ultra-wide frequency response
• Ultra-high input impedance
• Silent switching
• High-quality “signal-conditioning” bypass mode • Premium components throughout
• Advanced power supply filtering and protection
• Flexible external power requirements (9-18V DC) • Designed and built in England

Origin Effects: Purity of Tone
T: +44 (0)800 810 1070 • E: •



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Epiphone Presents Worldwide Release Of The New Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols ‘Old Glory’ Les Paul Custom Outfit


Presents Worldwide Release Of The New:
‘Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols ‘Old Glory’ Les Paul Custom Outfit’
 -Featuring a Seymour DuncanTM P-90, GroverTM Rotomatic tuners, and EpiLiteTM Case-
Jared James Nichols To Make Special Demo Performances During Welcome To Rockville (May 3-5), Epicenter Festival (May 10-11) and Sonic Temple Festival (May 10-11)
U.S. and European Tour Dates Announced Today
Jared James Nichols with his Jared James Nichols “Old Glory’ Les Paul Custom.
Photo Credit: Austin Nelson
(May 3, 2019, Nashville, TN) Epiphone, the leader in affordable professional instruments, proudly announces the worldwide release of the Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols “Old Glory” Les Paul Custom Outfit, the premier Epiphone Signature model by the phenomenal guitarist from Les Paul’s hometownof Waukesha, Wisconsin who Music Radar named their Top 5 “Upcoming Guitar Players in the World” citing Jared’s “wild, untamable solos.” The Jared James Nichols ‘Old Glory’ Les Paul Custom features a classic 1950s style Les Paul Custom body with a single Seymour DuncanTM P-90, an Ebony fretboard, GroverTM Rotomatic tuners, and an EpiLiteTM Case along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
“I’ve been playing the prototype of ‘Old Glory’ on stage since the day I got it,” Nichols told “Ever since Joe Perry loaned me a 50s Les Paul Custom with a single pickup, I knew I needed one of my own. This is an incredible guitar. I can’t put it down. I’m so honored and grateful. Thank you, Epiphone!”
During the past five years touring with his trio and supporting his critically acclaimed album, Black Magic,Jared has been making fans around the world while also earning the admiration of legendary artists likeLynyrd Skynyrd, Zakk Wylde, and Aerosmith for his deft fretwork (without a pick!) and deep love of the blues. And when your hometown is Waukesha, WI–the birthplace of Les Paul–you really have no choice but to take up guitar. Fans can see the Jared James Nichols “Old Glory” Les Paul Custom Outfit, live in action as Jared will make special appearances for demos and jams in the Music EXP Tentfor Gibson during the Welcome To Rockville (May 3-5), Epicenter Festival (May 10-11) and Sonic Temple Festival (May 18-19). Jared James Nichols entire 2019 U.S and European tour dates are listed below.
The Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols ‘Old Glory’ Les Paul Custom Outfit is modeled after Jared’s favorite stage guitar and features a 50s style Les Paul Custom with an Ebony finish, historic binding, and an Ebony fingerboard, but with the striking look of a single Seymour DuncanTM P-90 and a Gibson-style ‘Custom’ plaque inscribed Blues Power. ‘Old Glory’ also comes with anEpiLiteTM Case and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols “Old Glory” Les Paul Custom Outfit Street Price: $699. More info HERE.
“Jared epitomizes what our Epiphone and Gibson brands are all about,” said Cesar Gueikian, a longtime fan and Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson Brands. “He is a true student of the guitar and takes commitment and performance to a level I have only seen in the greatest musicians. The Epiphone ‘Old Glory’ we are unveiling today pays tribute to JARED and his favorite stage guitar and we hope it will inspire new generations of players, too. All of us at Gibson and Epiphone are proud of Jared and excited to see how he shapes sound with the Old Glory. Jared’s future is bright and we are honored to be part of his journey.”
Look for the Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols “Old Glory” Les Paul Custom Outfit at Authorized Epiphone Dealers everywhere.
Visit Jared James Nichols’ worldwide tour link to be notified of shows in your area:
Catch Jared James Nichols on tour in the following cities below:
Jared James Nichols Epiphone product page:
Jared James Nichols Epiphone demo video:
Jared James Nichols Epiphone Q&A:
For more information on Jared James Nichols:
For more information on Epiphone:
For more information on Gibson:
About Epiphone:  
For over 140 years, Epiphone has been a leading innovator in instrument design with models like theCasino, the Texan, and the new Masterbilt Century Archtop Collection. Epiphone is also home to thePRO-1 Collection and is the official instrument of Rocksmith® Remastered, the acclaimed video experience that’s teaching millions around the world how to play guitar and bass. Epiphone began as the“House of Stathopoulo” family business in Sparta in the 1870s and rose to fame during Manhattan’s jazz age before joining Gibson Brands in 1957. Today, Epiphone continues to make history from its headquarters in Nashville, TN. Epiphone Instruments have powered classic recordings by Les Paul, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones along with today’s top artists like Slash, Vampire Weekend, Gary Clark Jr., Peter Frampton, Matt Heafy of Trivium, Tommy Thayer of KISS, and James Bay. Epiphoneoffers innovation, history, and a lifetime guarantee. At Epiphone, we’re designers, we’re players and we’re mavericks. And, we’re passionate about everything we do. Learn more
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered inNashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at and follow us onTwitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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STL TONES Releases The Will Putney Tonality Plug-In Suite


STL TONES Releases

The Will Putney Tonality Plug-In Suite


New Plug In Suite From Producer & Mixer Will Putney Brings Sought After Distinctive Tones To Give Guitar & Bass Players A Fully Mixed Guitar Sound From His Private Amp Collection In A VST/AU/AAX Plug-In



Nashville, TN:  STL Tones, the leading commercial seller of Kemper Profiles has expanded its offerings with the launch of the STL Tonality Will Putney Plug-In Suite, the 2nd in the ongoing STL Tonality series of Plug-Ins.


The incredibly well-crafted guitar tones from producer and mixer Will Putney have powered a string of successful releases from bands such as Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction, The Acacia Strain, Body Count, Thy Art Is Murder, Northlane, Gojira, Silent Planet, After the Burial, For Today, Stray From The Path, Counterparts and many others.  Putney has been a fixture in the studio world for over a decade. Working out of his Graphic Nature Audio (a recording studio based in Belleville, NJ), Putney and his talented staff of engineers have brought unique and inspired production to a vast array of projects.


Now, these sought after, distinctive tones have been meticulously captured from Putney’s private amp collection in a VST/AU/AAX plug-in that gives guitar & bass players a fully mixed ready guitar sound—the plug-in suite consists of 5 amps, 3 pedals including distortion, delay and reverb, a cab room featuring Putney’s collection of cabs, Master EQ section, and a Dual amp & Cab mixer module for blending different amp and cab combinations.


In making the announcement, Sonny Truelove, STL Founder and CEO states:  “It was a pleasure to work alongside Will to create what I believe will become a staple in the heavy music scene for plug-ins. Putney’s guitar and bass tones are well respected in the music community and I am certain that people will get a lot of use out of this amazing new product.”


Adds Putney: “I’ve been an amp guy my entire music producing career, the software guitar emulations have never come close to capturing what we can create with the physical hardware at the studio. But we’ve finally cracked the code, and the recreation of my signal chains in the Will Putney STL Tonality guitar plug-in suite is truly spot on to my tones. The dynamics, depth, and reactivity of the amplifiers, cabinets, pedals, mixer, and equalizer are on a new level, the software engineering is a work of art.  I’m proud to be part of such a high quality creative tool for all guitar playing, recording, and mixing applications.”


The Will Putney Guitar Amp Plug-In Suite, with exclusive presets crafted by Putney, and other artists who have worked in the studio with Putney, is available for purchase on May 3rd at a special introductory price of $99.99.


The STL Tonality Will Putney Guitar Suite Plugin is compatible with all major 32- and 64-bit audio hosts, on both Mac and Windows. For audio and video demos, please visit




About STL Tones

STL Tones is a leading commercial seller of Axe Fx & Kemper packs for the world’s most renowned producers and artists.  It’s Signature Series of meticulously crafted Kemper and Axe FX Bundles, featuring releases from Will Putney, Howard Benson, David Bendeth, John Feldmann, Dan Korneff, Lee Malia of Bring Me The Horizon, Jon Deiley (Northlane), The Ghost Inside and many more.  The company has recently expanded its offerings with the STL Tonality plug-in series.


Official Website Product 


Product Ad Video –


STL Tones Website –    



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SPL Of Germany Ships New “Gemini” M/S Processor


SPL of Germany Ships New “Gemini” M/S Processor
“Mid-Side” encoder and decoder processor integrates with SPL 120-volt Mastering Series
Montreal, CanadaMay 1, 2019SPL of Germany has announced the release of Gemini, a “Mid-Side” (M/S) encoder and decoder processor that integrates with SPL’s other 120-volt Mastering Series components to offer even deeper sonic control for the mastering engineer. Using Gemini, mid signals in the center of the stereo field-such as voice, snare, or bass-can clearly be separated from the left and right side signals (often featuring guitar, keyboards or spatial sounds like cymbals), and can be individually processed. When working on the sum signal, M/S coding is often the best way to specifically get access to process individual elements within a stereo mix. Gemini has a street price of $2,799.00 USD and is available now from dealers in the US and Canada through its distributor Focal Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services).
“Our new Gemini M/S processor adds even more access for mastering engineers to enhance a stereo recording,” saysHermann Gier, Managing Director at SPL. “Combined with other SPL components, such as the Hermes router, Gemini Mid-Side encoding and decoding becomes a powerful new tool for engineers to make the best sounding audio masters for their clients.”
The Gemini M/S processor also works on the stereo panorama using several front panel controls. With the ‘Balance’ control the user can position the mid signal within the stereo panorama. With the ‘Trim’ control users can adjust the level of the mid signal in relation to the side signal, and with the ‘Stereo Width’ control, the mixing ratio of both channels can be adjusted simultaneously. Gemini also features an ‘Elliptical Filter’ that moves low-frequency content from the Side into the Mid.
A pairing of Gemini and the SPL Hermes Mastering Router enables further possibilities. If the M/S encoder and decoder stages of Gemini are each paired with an insert on Hermes, the user can freely choose a position for the M/S encoder and decoder within the processing chain. For example, placing the M/S Encoder on the third position and an equalizer on the fourth insert allows for separate processing of the mid and side signal, and then  placing the M/S Decoder stage of the Gemini on the fifth position generates a L/R stereo signal. If the user wants to add a compressor as a further device for M/S processing, they can place it on position 5 of the Hermes-the M/S Decoder stage would then move to position 6.

Gemini is another mastering product with SPL’s unique 120V audio rail technology, which offers increased headroom of up to +34dB and a dynamic range of over 141dB. Find out more about SPL’s technology at:

The new Gemini M/S processor is available now from dealers in the US and Canada, the retail street price is $2,799.00 USD. Visit the Gemini product page on SPL’s website for more information on using Gemini with the Hermes

Watch the SPL Mastering Devices Overview video at:

About Focal Naim America
Focal Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services) is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer and professional electronics brands including Focal Professional, SPL of Germany, Lauten Audio, IsoAcoustics, Zaor Studio Furniture, Vicoustic, and EarSonics. Based in Montreal with U.S. shipping facilities in Champlain, NY, the company has sales personnel located throughout the United States and Canada to professionally service their active roster of more than 350 specialty A/V and Pro Audio dealers. The company specializes in products and services for the professional audio and performing musician markets, as well as the home theater and custom integration (CI) market – both residential and commercial – for North America. 

For more information about Focal Naim America visit their website at or call (800) 663-9352.


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Manley Labs Introduces Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Dual Mono Mic Preamp


Manley Labs Introduces Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Dual Mono Mic Preamp

Chino, CA (May 02, 2019)Manley Laboratories is proud to announce a special Limited Edition run of their classic Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifiers with special blue & black cosmetics, in honor of the company’s 30th Anniversary. The company first began building these units nearly 30 years ago, when the Pro Audio division of the company was born.

Though Manley’s current equipment lineup is designed with more modern, efficient manufacturing techniques in mind, the Dual Mono Mic Preamp comes from an era where products were painstakingly built in a decidedly old-school fashion. “There are a tremendous number of American labor-hours required to hand-wire each Dual Mono Microphone preamplifier,” says company President EveAnna Manley. “But because we are in the audio business – always listening! – we have decided to celebrate our 30 Years of Manley pro audio production with a run of these classic cornerstone products.”
These Limited Edition units are available now through select Manley resellers worldwide with an MSRP of $3,300 USD.
For more information, please visit

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