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Planet-H updates G-Stomper Producer for Android to v1.1.1.0

Planet-H has updated G-Stomper Producer for Android to v1.1.1.0. This update is the second and last part of a major overhaul of the Timing & Measure section. Improved Time… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/planet-h-updates-g-stomper-producer-for-android-to-v1-1-1-0-46264?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46264 via IFTTT

ToneBoosters releases Barricade True-Peak Limiter for iOS and updates desktop plugins

ToneBoosters, the developer of professional, cross-platform audio processing plug-ins has released their flagship true-peak compressor/limiter and loudness meter plug-in, Barricade, for… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/toneboosters-releases-barricade-true-peak-limiter-for-ios-and-updates-desktop-plugins-46260?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46260 via IFTTT

Fanan team updates Alkamanat to v1.01

Fanan team has updated Alkamanat to 1.01. Changes: Added full mono mode. Added 2 ranges keyboard split and sending each oscillator to any key zone feature. decreased… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/fanan-team-updates-alkamanat-to-v1-01-46262?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46262 via IFTTT

Diginoiz releases Subdivine VST for Bass / 808 sounds

Diginoiz released Subdivine, their first VST instrument for Trap / R&B / Hip Hop and any genre that needs Bass / 808. Subdivine is designed especially for those music producers… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/diginoiz-releases-subdivine-vst-for-bass-808-sounds-46255?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46255 via IFTTT

PSPaudioware updates PSP SpringBox to v1.1.0

PSPaudioware has updated PSP SpringBox to v1.1.0. In this update PSP changed the authorization system to the PACE system (a hardware iLok dongle is NOT required). Please watch… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/pspaudioware-updates-psp-springbox-to-v1-1-0-46254?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46254 via IFTTT

Plogue releases “chipsynth MD” – 16-bit four operator FM synthesizer

Plogue has announced chipsynth MD, a four operator FM synth, a bit-accurate reproduction of the sound chip found in the Mega Drive – also known as Genesis – with added features. … Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/plogue-releases-chipsynth-md—16-bit-four-operator-fm-synthesizer-46251?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46251 via IFTTT

thIIIrd updates Dragon Drum Machine to v1.21 for Android

thIIIrd has updated Dragon Drum Machine, the synth drum app, to version 1.21 for the Android OS. New features: Triplet and dotted timings for patterns. Pattern length… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/thiiird-updates-dragon-drum-machine-to-v1-21-for-android-46250?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46250 via IFTTT

Toontrack releases “Decades SDX” and “Big Band EZX” recorded by Al Schmitt

Toontrack has released Decades SDX, a sound library expansion for Superior Drummer 3 recorded at legendary Capitol Studios by one of the most prolific audio craftsmen of our time: Al Schmitt…. Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/toontrack-releases-decades-sdx-and-big-band-ezx-recorded-by-al-schmitt-46246?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46246 via IFTTT

ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.9.0 for Windows

ExperimentalScene has updated DarkWave Studio to v5.9.0. Changes: Added a ‘VST cache’ feature to remember VST plugin details when they are scanned for the first time… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/experimentalscene-updates-darkwave-studio-to-v5-9-0-for-windows-46243?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46243 via IFTTT

Sound Dust releases Cluster for Zebra 2 + WAV with Intro Offer

Sound Dust has announced the release of Cluster which features 246 patches for Zebra 2 wrapped up in a bespoke Sound Dust skin plus 6.7GB of sampled loops and hits. There is… Read More from KVR News: Top Stories www.kvraudio.com/news/sound-dust-releases-cluster-for-zebra-2-and-wav-with-intro-offer-46237?utm_source=kvrnewsfeed&utm_medium=rssfeed&utm_content=46237 via IFTTT