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Microsoft launches Project xCloud game streaming preview

Companies have been offering ways to stream PC games over the internet for a while, but game streaming seems to be having a moment — with Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud both set to launch soon. And by soon, I mean you can now sign up to participate in a Project xCloud public preview.

Chuwi MiniBook 8 inch laptop now available for $430 (retail price)

The Chuwi MiniBook is a tiny laptop with an 8 inch touchscreen display, a 360-degree hinge, and Windows 10 software. It’s also one of the most affordable mini-laptops around — it went up for pre-order for about $430 and up during an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, and now it’s available from Banggood for

Google Nest Mini is small smart speaker you can hang on the wall

Google is holding a hardware launch event tomorrow where the company is expected to unveil the Pixel 4 smartphone and Pixelbook Go Chromebook. It looks like a new entry-level smart speakers is also on the way. WinFuture has posted details about the Nest Mini, which appears to be a follow-up to the Google Home Mini.

Daily Deals (10-14-2019)

The Lenovo 300E Chromebook is a convertible laptop with an 11.6 inch display and a MediaTek MT8173C processor. The current-gen model was released about a year and a half ago — but it’s also one of the Chromebooks that just received a few extra years of support, which means that Google will provide operating system

Cheap Windows on ARM devices coming soon from Chinese PC makers

The first Windows 10 on ARM devices arrived to underwhelming reviews. Sure, they delivered on the promises of long battery life and always-connected capabilities thanks to their Qualcomm Snapdragon chips with integrated 4G LTE modems. But so far most Windows on ARM devices have been sluggish and expensive. Microsoft and Qualcomm are promising to tackle

Razer Blade 15 Advanced is the first laptop with an optical keyboard

Razer’s gaming laptops tend to feature speedy processors, powerful GPUs, and other gamer-focused features like RGB keyboard lights and support for screens with high refresh rates. But the new Razer Blade 15 Advanced is the first to feature a keyboard with optical switches. In fact, Razer says it’s the first laptop from any company to feature an

Nubia’s dual-screen Z20 smartphone now available for $549

The Nubia Z20 is a smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage support for 27-watt fast charging, and a 6.42 inch FHD+ curved glass display… on the front. There’s also a second 5.1 inch display on the back of the phone. First unveiled last month, the Nubia Z20

DIY, modular MNT Reform Laptop gets spec bump as it inches toward reality

It’s been a few years since developer Lukas Hartmann and designer Ana Dantes unveiled their plans for a DIY, modular laptop designed to run free and open source software. Since then, the folks behind the MNT Reform project created a small number of early prototypes, introduced new hardware with beefier specs and some other improvements, and

Weekend poll: Liliputing comment voting — like or dislike?

For the past few years Liliputing’s comment system has been powered by a WpDiscuz, a plugin that takes the native WordPress comment system and supercharges it with additional features. But one of those features seems to be at least a little controversial: voting. So I figured I’d ask the community what you think: should we

Daily Deals (10-11-2019)

With a list price of $199 and up, the Dell Chromebook 11 with an Intel Celeron N3060 processor and 4GB of RAM is already one of the cheapest halfway decent laptops around. But Best Buy seems to constantly be running sales on this laptop — and the latest means you can pick one up for