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Ways for marijuana firms to protect their stocks from short sellers

Short sellers have been under attack for years, going as far back as the 1929 stock market crash or as recently as Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s charge that short sellers as “jerks who want us to die.” Ways for marijuana firms to protect their stocks from short sellers is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial,

Cannabis business ties can lead to citizenship denial, immigration agency says

Immigration authorities on Friday said they could deny citizenship to anyone with any involvement with marijuana – regardless of whether it’s legal in the state where they live – because MJ is still illegal under federal law. The announcement comes weeks after officials in Colorado – where recreational and medical marijuana are legal – complained to U.S.

Blumenauer: US House will pass cannabis banking reform, consider rescheduling

A leading pro-marijuana lawmaker predicted Friday that the U.S. House of Representatives will approve cannabis banking reform and a committee will look at marijuana rescheduling later this year. U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat and a longtime champion of marijuana issues, made his remarks at his annual media teleconference in advance of the unofficial 4/20

Washington certifies state’s first lab to test marijuana for heavy metals

Washington regulators certified the first laboratory in the state to test for heavy metals in cannabis, meaning that, effective April 18, MJ retailers cannot sell products that haven’t passed the health department-mandated testing. Medicine Creek Analytics in Fife will perform the tests, and businesses will no longer have to include the required “Not tested for

Luxembourg’s medical cannabis program continues rapid implementation

Luxembourg’s medical marijuana program – approved in June 2018 – continues its fast-paced implementation, as 250 doctors have already completed the required training to prescribe the product. Roughly two-thirds of those doctors are generalists. Minister of Health Etienne Schneider provided the update in response to a parliamentary question from Martine Hansen, a member of Parliament

Michigan lawmakers set June 1 medical cannabis licensing deadline

Michigan’s Legislature is intervening in a long-running legal dispute over unlicensed medical marijuana shops, pushing to enact a firm deadline for the businesses to close or risk their ability to get a permit. The House voted 102-4 in favor of legislation that would prevent unlicensed facilities that stay open after June 1 from becoming licensed

Canadian firms stockpile marijuana oil ahead of infused market launch

Canadian companies hoping to capitalize on the launch of new cannabis product categories later this year are building up inventories of cannabis oil – the key ingredient for those products – according to the latest data from Health Canada. Finished inventory of cannabis oil reached almost 60,000 liters through February, more than double the 28,000

Three executives resign from marijuana firm MedMen

California-based cannabis retailer MedMen is undergoing another round of employee turnover at the top levels of the company, and the most recent losses include the chief operating officer, general counsel and company spokesman. COO Ben Cook and general counsel Lisa Sergi resigned, MedMen announced in a news release. Sergi also served as a member of MedMen’s

Oregon cannabis regulators consider stiffening noncompliance penalties

Oregon is calling out licensed recreational marijuana operators who fail to follow the law. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), which regulates the state’s legal cannabis industry, noted at its monthly meeting that there “remains significant noncompliance by marijuana licensees failing to abide by the state’s laws and rules.” According to a news release, the