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Digital growth, innovative licensing and fair rights for authors – key themes of CISAC’s Global Collections Report

CISAC is the largest global network for creators, representing 227 authors societies in over 120 countries. CISAC champions the rights and interests of millions of creators, lobbying for legislation across the world, providing licensing and technology services to societies and ensuring best practice and good governance.  As CISAC today releases its flagship annual Global Collections

How the globalisation of the Kpop industry is pushing production and performances beyond boundaries 

The globalisation of Kpop, the South Korean-originated sound boosting the country’s local recorded-music industry, is shifting from being a potential phenomenon to going truly mainstream.  The Kpop industry’s worldwide influence has been acknowledged by IFPI, the international industry trade body.  Among the most popular Kpop groups, BTS, the Korean boy-band sensation taking the world by storm, nabbed the second and third positions in the IFPI’s 2018 Top

Report: The Midem African Forum 2019

Launched in 2018 as part of the High-Potential Markets Programme, The Midem African Forum’s ambition is to assist with the development and internationalisation of the African music markets. The African Music Forum consists of a series of conferences, workshops and showcases, which took place this year in Dakar (Senegal), Douala (Cameroon) & Lagos (Nigeria), in association with TRACE Africa.

Midemlab 2019: Discover the finalists!

The 12th annual edition of world-leading music startup competition Midemlab will this year be presented by Deezer & Recochoku. The winners will be chosen in Cannes by a jury that includes tech journalist Sirena Bergman, Kuack Media Group‘s Juan Francisco, Music Tech Germany’s Matthias Strobel & many more (full details here). Let’s discover the 20 finalists!   Category 1: Music

Let’s all become song share-holders! …Or shall we?

I want to pick up from where Billboard’s Cherie Hu left off in her excellent piece some time ago about the new investor craze for royalty assets, in which she brilliantly analyses the landscape and the different, at times, contradictory logics that have motivated the various players to start their fund and attract investors. Cherie

“Stand-out startups have a strong & passionate team with a complementary skillset” – Midemlab jury interviews

What are Midemlab jury members looking for in music startups today? We asked Sirena Bergman, Freelance Journalist (Mashable/Vice/The Guardian/The Independent); Juan Francisco Saavedra Plata, Co-Founder/CEO, Kuack Media Group; and Matthias Strobel, President, Music Tech Germany. Hold on for top music tech insights!   midemblog: What is the unique quality you will bring to the Midemlab jury? Sirena Bergman: Years

“It’s good to see more women in the industry being more vocal about issues, but the industry has a long way to go” – Nadia Khan, CTRL Management & Women in CTRL

As we celebrate International Womens’ Day this week, we’re delighted to shine a light on a selection of leading women in music, who share their industry vision in a series of interviews, before taking part in Midem 2019 next June. Today: Nadia Khan, Artist Manager, CEO of CTRL Management and Founder of Women in CTRL (UK).