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Extra Most Bestest Part 1

Extra most bestest.  This was the popular recent slogan of Little Caesar’s Pizza Chain.  Now, if you’ve ever had the cardboard disappointment that is Little Caesar’s…you know that Extra Most Bestest is an exaggeration at best.  Extra most bestest is what their marketing and hype is all about. They’re hyping their pizza more than what

Taffer’s Teachings The Hiring Process Part 2

This week we continue with the 2nd and 3rd Tenets of Jon Taffer’s Hiring Process.  Here’s #2. 2.  Recruit Through Proper Advertising: For years, we as an industry have advertised with “No Experience Necessary…Will Train….Must Be Able To Life 50 lbs. Must have reliable transportation and willing to work weekends. ” REALLY? Yes…those are absolute

Trans Humanism and Cyborg DJ’s

I’ve always been a big fan of science fiction and weird stuff. Recently I was hooked on a Netflix series called “Altered Carbon”. In the future our “bodies” were nothing more than interchangeable meat suits because we had discovered how to down load the human conscious and transfer it from one shell to another. A

Make Eye Contact Part 3

Many of us came from a radio background, and frankly many DJs are still that throaty toolbag who isn’t speaking in their real voice to their clients.  No one wants to do business with something or someone who is phony. Be who you are. You’re human and your audience will relate to real world situations

DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Towel Over The Bumper.

Hey, everybody. DJ Jay here and I am at an event. This is part of a new series I’m doing called DJ tips in under 60 seconds. So got my van here, you see that really pretty towel, the point of the towel simply because I get dirt on the back of the van. Even

DJ SEO Tip: Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile To Get More Local Leads In a previous article, I discussed how to get more links from Google.  Google My Business is mentioned to optimize to get more leads.  Optimizing your Google My Business profile may be the single most important action in getting local search leads.  Thus, we


Think Again! Inside this Mobile Beat you’ll find a bunch of ideas for adjusting your perspective on a variety of DJ issues. We hit on tech misconceptions, the sync button controversy, “sacred cows” and more. So crack open this MB for a DJ reality check! ~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLAYLIST: THINK AGAIN: MYTHS, MISCONCEPTIONS

How Are You Being Fed Part 3

What are you listening to?  What are you absorbing? Having a positive affirmation each day can help you begin each day in a positive manner and things are what you are absorbing from inanimate objects. And specifically I’m talking about the podcast you listen to the shows you watch the books, you read the things

Make Eye Contact Part 2

Here’s an etiquette tip.  During a recent workshop I had the pleasure of conducting I went around the room of seated attendees and introduced myself.  I made it a point to specifically greet them by name, smile, look them in the eye and then outstretched my hand to touch both internally and externally the person

More Pub Than Club

Spring is here and wedding season is almost in full swing for many of us in colder climates. Time to go through all our wedding gear and test everything. It’s also time for a playlist tune up. Like most of you I have a ton of crates built up with wedding playlists covering all the