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From 4 Star To 5 Star Service Part 2

We discussed last week how simply caring can help you go from 4 stars to 5 stars, and continue with the article this week.  Another Uber driver in the evening figured out a way to ensure he ALWAYS got 5 star reviews. When we got in the Uber he pulled around the corner and offered

Rusty Details Part 2

So how did everything end up after my faux pas the day before at the ceremony?  After the ceremony was over the next day, I was complimented by the Step Father of the bride, by the Father of the Groom, and by the Mother of the Bride after the ceremony about what a wonderful job

From 4 Star to 5 Star Service Part 1

Recently I attended and presented at a conference, as I naturally do a few times a year. As you can imagine, my schedule for speaking and seeing so many different seminars was awesome and a whirlwind in its own right. Combine that with nightly dinners, gatherings and just plain being overtired can wreak havoc on

Rusty Details Part 1

The devil is in the details…or sometimes the rusty details if you will.  What do I mean by that….rusty details? Have you ever come back into the thick of event season after a short break and sometimes you find yourself slip back into rote?  Doing the same thing that you’ve always done. If you’re honest


Time to Diversify? In this issue you’ll find a whole lotta good perspectives on the how’s and why’s concerning DJs expanding their offerings. This includes Part 1 of a three-parter by Matt Martindale that is sure to help you decide if expanding or focusing in on brand:you is what’s called for. Here’s to your increasing

DJ PPC Tip: How To Create A Google Ads Search Campaign Part II

Setting up your Google Ads campaigns correctly could determine your success or failure.  In part 1, I discussed the initial setup settings for Google Ads campaigns.  Now, you will learn the structure of campaigns and ad groups, Each Google Ads campaign has its own budget.  So, if you wish to spend $50 per day, then

How To Convert Price To Meeting Part 4

We finish this series with how I ended my email and the outcome of the event itself.  Finally I gave her our 2 goals that we have for any event we partner with a couple on. After that I said this “If that sounds like what you are looking for then I would recommend a

Extroverts Have Feelings Too Part 2

We’re back this week with the 2nd half of the article – Extroverts have feelings too part 2. Given that I blew up at my friends, many people would blame that on just being an extrovert and think I can get away with it.  If your friend is a true friend they will forgive you