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Creating PDF Files on Your Phone

Q. I know it’s possible to make PDF files with my phone’s camera and a scanner app, but is it possible to make PDF files out of documents already on my phone, like email threads and web pages so I can save them in cloud-based research folders? A. from Pocket nyti.ms/2w6glv6 via IFTTT

Using YouTube as an Accelerant for Video Games

When Dynamic Pixels, a small Russian game developer, decided to make a stealth horror video game about sneaking into an ominous neighbor’s house, it turned to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. from Pocket nyti.ms/2whBRg0 via IFTTT

Getting Microsoft Word to Call You by Your Real Name

Q. To activate Microsoft Word on my new laptop, I had to open a Microsoft account, but I didn’t use my real name. Now, when I edit a document in Word and add a comment, it lists the note under that made-up name. Any way I can get it to switch back to my real